16 July 2008

Why The Z Beats The Air

The Vaios are out and they are nothing short of amazing. Here is why the Sony Vaio Z beats the hell out of the Macbook Air. Ok so lets start out by discarding the fact that the Air's thinness is its weak point. The Sony Vaio proved a couple of days ago that with a couple of centimeters of more thickness, it could add that tube on the end of the notebook that will give it the crown for the sleekest sexiest notebook. Add to that carbon fiber behind the LCD, and we've got a winner! Anyway, i know no one will comment on this post, so i will make it short. Here is why im loving the Z:

  1. Tube-Like speakers with the power button.

  2. Carbon fiber casing.

  3. Macbook-style keyboard.

  4. Discrete graphics.

  5. Blu Ray Drive.

  6. 13.3 inch screen.



The Criticizer said...

Funny these are comparable in one category... thinness. + the Blue Ray of course.

Still waiting for the MacBook Pro? ;p

KWT23 said...

Yeah i am :( ... i'm still hoping they will release new macbooks before univ. starts. If they don't, i might go with the Z.