31 July 2008

Smartlink For Free

i am not sure if this is for a limited time, but it seems Starbucks' Smartlink connection is now for free. Really uncharacteristic of Starbucks!

30 July 2008

On Apple Rumors Regarding Notebook Updates

Back since the days of my old blog (around six months ago) up till now, i have been waiting for serious Apple upgrades for the MacBook & the MacBook Pro. I have always delayed my purchase of an Apple notebook due to imminent upgrades. I had to hold back earlier this year because of looming upgrades in February. I was disappointed really with the upgrades. Yes the OS is enough to make it a great deal, but the MB/MBP was lacking essential aspects of a notebook.Now, rumors are circulating again, and pics are leaking on several sites about upcoming upgrades in both the Macbook and Macbook Pro lines. Furthermore, the long-talked-about dream of a Macbook tablet is also awaited. Anyways, on GIZMODO, they are hinting on a glass trackpad with a screen under it. While that is a bit too transcendent, it could be true. Apple have always been known of packing their products with new innovations. While those new innovations are cool and all, the question i propose is this: Why is Apple over-looking essentials of a notebook in today's market? I mean, how long is it going to take Apple to put Blu Ray slots in those notebooks? Hell, the 13.3 incher from Sony (the Z) has a Blu Ray drive in it! Come on now Apple.

I was just reading Macrumors [Link to Article] a while ago, and it seems the new notebooks aren't coming till the end of September! That is pretty late for me. Yes I have waited a lot, but i can't wait any longer 'cuz i need a new notebook for University and i need at least 2weeks to get used to a Mac. This is disappointing.

27 July 2008

Skateboard Speakers

This is one of the things that are really cool. I really want one, it would be perfect for my dorm room! Basically, it's an ipod-skateboard-shelf-speaker. Really cool.

Ups & Downs In The Blogosphere

Summer vacation could be an excuse, but some bloggers that i personally check on a relatively daily bases have stopped blogging! The last time Marzouq blogged was July 16. The last time Outkasty posted was June 14. Furthermore, Angelo's blog has been shut down, and honestly Mark's blog is beginning to lose its touch (no offense Mark). On the other note though, some cool bloggers i'm checking out (and are my top five for this month [just created this "list" while i'm writing this :P] ) are:

  1. Jacqui
  2. SOME Contrast
  3. q80s
  4. Frankom
  5. Weeknds
PS: bloggers listed in random order.

26 July 2008


A few days back i was looking for a classic regular pair of jeans (nothing fancy and nothing torn). It was then that i realized that torn jeans have become the norm. I searched several stores for a regular fit and they didn't have any. I tried G-Star Raw, but most of their jeans are tight on the legs (exactly what you see the majority wearing today). Also, i personally felt that their jeans are overpriced. Not trying to be frugal or anything, but for 55KD, i could get two pants! Anyway i tried GAS at Fanar, but the salesman broke it down honestly to me saying that they actually don't have regular pants! Finally i got to ZARA, and the day was saved. They actually have several regular fit classical jeans, so I picked one up for around 20KD.

24 July 2008

Sick Military Dude

I can't believe what i ust witnessed a few minutes ago. I was returning home and on the way there was huge traffic. Anyways, on the side, there were two cars that suddenly stopped. One man in military clothes (Kuwaiti) came out and headed to the car behind him (it was a white mini bus). The man headed towards the mini bus and started punching the indian-dude real hard. I really don't know what's wrong with this guy. It seems he thinks he has the authority to just go out and punch any guy since he is not Kuwaiti! Now i am not taking sides. I really don't know what happened initially, the Indian driver might have made a mistake or something, but what i'm saying is there is no reason what so ever to go punching Indians just 'cuz you are a military officer. This is sick!
Unfortunately i didn't take a pic. Sorry guys.

22 July 2008

My Hunt For a Digital Camera Begins...

42 days separate me from OHIO! I can't wait. I want to get the perfect digital camera to capture everything I see (and blog it). I will probably be getting the camera once i get there since they probably have better deals there (plus the warranty). I currently have the Casio Exillim EX-Z1000. It has been a good camera, but i need something better now. I heard alot about Canon being the best in terms of Digital Cameras. I have checked the Canon cameras, and from the specs point of view, they look excellent. I am not sure though if I should get the Powershot G9 or the EOS Rebel XSi. Honestly, i really don't know what's the advantage of an SLR - or what is an SLR for that matter (assuming they are better due to the higher prices). I will continue to do my research on this. For the mean time, the G9 and the Rebel XSi are on my list. If you own any of the two (or any other Canon camera), please tell me your thoughts. Also, if you recommend a certain Camera other than the two I have mentioned, i'll check it out. Thanks for the help!

Blogging From E71

Finally! I have managed to get online on my E71 and blog. Nothing to say though!

20 July 2008

Stupid Message

I have recieved from several friends a forwarded message more than once now, and thought i would post about it. The forwarded message pretty much says that you either forward the message to 18 friends (or something like that) or hotmail will shut-down your account. Apparently everyone is believing this (although this is not the first email of its kind). Anyway, to all of you out there, hotmail is not closing your accounts. And if for some reason they do close your account, then i guess it's not worth to have an account with them anyways for doing that. There's always G-Mail (i've always wanted to have a gmail account...)

PS: i'm really liking the Hotmail GIF i found and put above on this post :D

19 July 2008

Number 50

Hey everyone! This is post #50! I have posted 50 times in three months, and while i know that's a little disappointing, i thank everyone who took the time to read and comment on my blog. I promise to post more often inshalla in the coming days. Also, in an attempt to make this blog more about me (and answering the suggestion of a personal friend), i will be posting more about what's going on in my life. Again, i thank you all!

17 July 2008

E71 Reviewed

After around five days of fiddling around with my E71, i have finally decided to post my thoughts about various aspects of this phone. Most of you won't be reading the whole post, so i put sub titles in bold.

The Exterior

the physical shape of the phone is to some its weakness and to some is its strength. I'm on the side who believes this phone is well-rounded. The phone is well curved on the edges, and i especially like the QWERTY. I also value a phone that looks slick and not cheap, and this one is far from cheap looking. The only downside is the back cover of the battery is a fingerprint magnet. So often the back looks dirty. Still good though.

The Interface

if there is one thing that you must point out in the phone that could use some upgrading, it is the interace. It is sleek. It is clean, but it can be a bit more user friendly. That is just my opinion. I mean, everyone should learn from other people's success. iPhone is getting the major hype because it can be completely customized with widgets. The E71 could use some of that.

Global Racing: Raging Thunder (Game)

This game comes pre-downloaded on the device (you just need to install it). It is so addictive and very nice. I like the fact that Nokia went ahead and put a racing game on this device to take advantage of the horizontal screen. Very nice. - I just have to point out that one time i ws playing the game and the whole phone got jammed and i had to remove the entire battery and reboot the thing.

16 July 2008

Why The Z Beats The Air

The Vaios are out and they are nothing short of amazing. Here is why the Sony Vaio Z beats the hell out of the Macbook Air. Ok so lets start out by discarding the fact that the Air's thinness is its weak point. The Sony Vaio proved a couple of days ago that with a couple of centimeters of more thickness, it could add that tube on the end of the notebook that will give it the crown for the sleekest sexiest notebook. Add to that carbon fiber behind the LCD, and we've got a winner! Anyway, i know no one will comment on this post, so i will make it short. Here is why im loving the Z:

  1. Tube-Like speakers with the power button.

  2. Carbon fiber casing.

  3. Macbook-style keyboard.

  4. Discrete graphics.

  5. Blu Ray Drive.

  6. 13.3 inch screen.


14 July 2008

Vaio. Redefined.

It seems Sony will reveal their new Montevina based notebooks soon. Very soon. In hours. Keep checking Sony Style. I have always loved Sony and especially their laptops (although a little over-priced). On the other hand, it is rumored that new macbooks and Macbook Pros are also coming soon. This will be interesting...
UPDATE: Sony actually used "my" title: "Vaio. Redefined". I just picked that title randomly, and now they have it on their site! I'm a genius. (go with me :P).
anyways, the new Vaios are out there for pre-order and they are nothing short of amazing. I'm simply lost now 'cuz the OS is still windows. Why can't we have Mac OS X on Vaios?
You can check the new Vaios HERE, my favorite two are the SR and the Z series (the SR series goes up to 2.80GHz and it's a 13.3incher!!!!).

Eddie Murphy in Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave - Review

When I watched the trailer for this movie, i was very excited. I went today to watch this movie, and it was a cool movie. I must admit it wasn't up to my expectations, but it was good enough to be a "good" movie. There were a couple of times when i laughed so hard, yet there were scenes which i felt were unnecessary. Anyways, overall a pretty decent movie. 3.5/5

13 July 2008

Finally...The E71

Yup, i've got it like everyone did. After four days of searching and looking, i finally got it. Don't want to make this post very long 'cuz there's a lot to say. Most important, the phone is pretty sweet. I honestly never thought of getting a Nokia ever, but i actually did. I don't want to talk much, i want to let the pictures do that. I must say though, i'm loving the big screen (compared to my old phone - check pics). I am, on the other hand, still getting used to the QWERTY. Never really used a phone where the "number zero" is next to the "number nine". I am still adding my contacts since my contact list was saved on my old phone rather than on the SIM card itself. I've tried a couple of things so far, nothing much though. I personally like the feature of changing modes. Anyway, here are the pics:

12 July 2008

Quest For E71 Starts Very Badly

I admit it. I am after the Nokia E71. Yes Mark's review is a big part of it, but also because the Blackberry Bold is obviously not coming any time soon. Also, the E71 package (GPS, WiFi, 3MP, and QWERTY) for 128KD is a pretty good deal. So I went this morning looking for the phone everywhere (Eureka, Al Ghanim Electronics, and all the other shops in Hawalli) but apparently it has gone extinct in Kuwait! Then I decided to go to Al Ghanim again, and luckily the dude has heard of something by the name of "E71". Unfortunately though, the phone is out of stock. Anyway, so i put my number with the guy and told him to call me once they get it (He said it will take 2 days max.). So i go back home with no phone. Later at around 8pm, i decided to call Al Ghanim Electronics myself (in case they forgot to call me), and the guy on the phone tells me it's available! So i hopped in the car quickly and drove to Al Ghanim - Hawalli branch. Like an idiot, i was told that no they don't have the phone yet! So after getting very angry and showing it to the salesman (and sweating after getting insanely mad), i decided to take the number of the salesman there so i would annoy him every once in a while with my calls to check if the phone arrives. What service they got, eh?! Will keep you posted...

11 July 2008

iPhone 3G in Kuwait - When?

While everyone is going crazy over the Nokia E71 here in Kuwait, i on the other hand am waiting for the iPhone 3G be in stores. I need a phone right now, and can't wait more than 2 weeks. When is the iPhone 3G coming to Kuwait??

10 July 2008

Hancock - Review

I went to the cinema to watch Hancock yesterday. I will only give my personal opinion since most of you know the plot outline by now. It was a cool movie with a twist that i personally didn't like. I felt like the movie had nowhere to go so they went with that twist. It's a pretty good movie, but a bit over-hyped. Iwould give this movie 3.5/5

09 July 2008

Snickers Cooler

I think it's clear to everyone who reads my blog that i am a Snickers fan. I was over at Carriboue Coffee in Al Sayer's Toyota showroom, and they had a new Snickers Cooler drink. So without hesitation i tried it. I previously tried to make a Snickers shake at home but failed. The problem was that the Snickers bar is a bit chewey and has peanuts so the taste of Snickers wasn't blended completely in the shake. Anyways, this Snickers Cooler was actually good. Unfortunately though, the same problem of the total drink not tasting like Snickers was evident. Anyhow, i would definately try this drink again nonetheless.

06 July 2008

Dethroning The Air

I love sleek machines. I just got the latest issue of Laptop magazine and found out about a new machine that is the sleekest i have ever seen. Seriously. I have known about Voodoo PC previously, but never had interest since it was well over-priced. Also, the company wasn't well known and i immediately thought that i will have service/support problems with their systems should i buy one. That's until HP combined powers with this company. HP obviously needs no introduction, and with HP really exponentially growing, a system made by HP/Voodoo will be perfection. So I was flipping through the mag when i saw this beautiful thing. Voodoo Envy 133.
This amazing machine has the best exterior i have ever seen on any machine. It is fully coated with carbon fiber finishing, and has a glass-like finishing on the keyboard. It is really a beast. It supposedly knocks the MacBook Air off its crown. It really does actually, but only in some areas. The Envy 133 has an advantage in design and power, while the MB Air is unmatched in OS. I'm really considering this 'top for my university studies. Even though it sports a 1.8GHz processor, it includes a 64GB SSD. I really appreciate well-engineered machines, and this is definately one. If only i could run Mac OS X on this thing...

04 July 2008


Hey BB, i just realized you had my link on your blogroll. I hope you like my blog, and though it's not daily updated, i thank you for adding it on your site :)

03 July 2008

Contaminated Sand From Kuwait?!

Every now and then i check the latest news about Kuwait at Digg. Recently there have been several threads about contaminated sand from Kuwait reaching Idaho. I find this a bit bizarre. Anyways, here are the links to the threads:

[Link 1] [Link 2] [Link 3]

01 July 2008

Chris Paul

Believe it or not, it took me more than eighteen years into my life to finally find out who is my role model in life. Chris Paul. You probably never heard of him (except if you watch the NBA). Sooner than later, you will. I'm a believer in this athlete. It's not only because of his superior athletic abilities and basketball IQ, but his qualities as a human. This man served humanity like no person did. He is well known as the savior of New Orleans. He saved it. His works in his community have been more than any player has accomplished in his career. A city was dead, literally, and this man bought it back to life. I don't want to make this sound so artificial 'cuz words won't do this man good. Chris Paul is my role model.