30 July 2008

On Apple Rumors Regarding Notebook Updates

Back since the days of my old blog (around six months ago) up till now, i have been waiting for serious Apple upgrades for the MacBook & the MacBook Pro. I have always delayed my purchase of an Apple notebook due to imminent upgrades. I had to hold back earlier this year because of looming upgrades in February. I was disappointed really with the upgrades. Yes the OS is enough to make it a great deal, but the MB/MBP was lacking essential aspects of a notebook.Now, rumors are circulating again, and pics are leaking on several sites about upcoming upgrades in both the Macbook and Macbook Pro lines. Furthermore, the long-talked-about dream of a Macbook tablet is also awaited. Anyways, on GIZMODO, they are hinting on a glass trackpad with a screen under it. While that is a bit too transcendent, it could be true. Apple have always been known of packing their products with new innovations. While those new innovations are cool and all, the question i propose is this: Why is Apple over-looking essentials of a notebook in today's market? I mean, how long is it going to take Apple to put Blu Ray slots in those notebooks? Hell, the 13.3 incher from Sony (the Z) has a Blu Ray drive in it! Come on now Apple.

I was just reading Macrumors [Link to Article] a while ago, and it seems the new notebooks aren't coming till the end of September! That is pretty late for me. Yes I have waited a lot, but i can't wait any longer 'cuz i need a new notebook for University and i need at least 2weeks to get used to a Mac. This is disappointing.


mims said...

excuse me if im ignorant but whats a blu ray?

KWT23 said...

Blu Ray is high definition video (for much clearer movies)

mims said...

aaaah yes..extremely important in a labtop ;p

Angelo said...

Well, it's self-explanatory that Sony's laptops are Blu Ray enabled, after all, it was Sony who crated the technology after all. But an Apple laptop with Blu Ray...an instant purchase for me.

Let's hope those rumors are true though.