20 July 2008

Stupid Message

I have recieved from several friends a forwarded message more than once now, and thought i would post about it. The forwarded message pretty much says that you either forward the message to 18 friends (or something like that) or hotmail will shut-down your account. Apparently everyone is believing this (although this is not the first email of its kind). Anyway, to all of you out there, hotmail is not closing your accounts. And if for some reason they do close your account, then i guess it's not worth to have an account with them anyways for doing that. There's always G-Mail (i've always wanted to have a gmail account...)

PS: i'm really liking the Hotmail GIF i found and put above on this post :D


BB said...

ee walla yanninooni eb such emails and I always tell them that this isn't true bs mako fayda!

thanks 4 updating my link and nickname :D

BB said...

eee walla yanninona eb such emailz, I always tell them that isn't true bs mako fayda!

Thanks 4 updating my nickname and site :D

KWT23 said...

bb: ur welcome :)

mims said...

ifff their really annoying and ppl keep sending them like they never get old or something! i dnt get the point of them a9lan..is it a joke or what?!