09 July 2008

Snickers Cooler

I think it's clear to everyone who reads my blog that i am a Snickers fan. I was over at Carriboue Coffee in Al Sayer's Toyota showroom, and they had a new Snickers Cooler drink. So without hesitation i tried it. I previously tried to make a Snickers shake at home but failed. The problem was that the Snickers bar is a bit chewey and has peanuts so the taste of Snickers wasn't blended completely in the shake. Anyways, this Snickers Cooler was actually good. Unfortunately though, the same problem of the total drink not tasting like Snickers was evident. Anyhow, i would definately try this drink again nonetheless.


BB said...

Well I love the flake shakes

KWT23 said...

yeah, flake works better since it is soft chocolate.