06 July 2008

Dethroning The Air

I love sleek machines. I just got the latest issue of Laptop magazine and found out about a new machine that is the sleekest i have ever seen. Seriously. I have known about Voodoo PC previously, but never had interest since it was well over-priced. Also, the company wasn't well known and i immediately thought that i will have service/support problems with their systems should i buy one. That's until HP combined powers with this company. HP obviously needs no introduction, and with HP really exponentially growing, a system made by HP/Voodoo will be perfection. So I was flipping through the mag when i saw this beautiful thing. Voodoo Envy 133.
This amazing machine has the best exterior i have ever seen on any machine. It is fully coated with carbon fiber finishing, and has a glass-like finishing on the keyboard. It is really a beast. It supposedly knocks the MacBook Air off its crown. It really does actually, but only in some areas. The Envy 133 has an advantage in design and power, while the MB Air is unmatched in OS. I'm really considering this 'top for my university studies. Even though it sports a 1.8GHz processor, it includes a 64GB SSD. I really appreciate well-engineered machines, and this is definately one. If only i could run Mac OS X on this thing...