13 July 2008

Finally...The E71

Yup, i've got it like everyone did. After four days of searching and looking, i finally got it. Don't want to make this post very long 'cuz there's a lot to say. Most important, the phone is pretty sweet. I honestly never thought of getting a Nokia ever, but i actually did. I don't want to talk much, i want to let the pictures do that. I must say though, i'm loving the big screen (compared to my old phone - check pics). I am, on the other hand, still getting used to the QWERTY. Never really used a phone where the "number zero" is next to the "number nine". I am still adding my contacts since my contact list was saved on my old phone rather than on the SIM card itself. I've tried a couple of things so far, nothing much though. I personally like the feature of changing modes. Anyway, here are the pics:


BB said...

Cograts! and hope u enjoy it as I do
I have just added my contacts :D
I had a copy of them in outlook & moved them in seconds
im now looking for a software like Fring for cheap international calls, if u found something plz let me know

Angelo said...

Mabrook buddy. It looks quite cool but unfortunately I'm not geeky (or even coo) enough to own on. Make sure to blog by using it someday :)

KWT23 said...

bb: Thanks...i'm still trying to discover everything on the phone then will find software and review it on the site :)

angelo: allah ibarik feek...lol, once i get to know how to use the wifi on it inshalla i will cuz for some reason it's not connecting to my wireless connection :(