17 July 2008

E71 Reviewed

After around five days of fiddling around with my E71, i have finally decided to post my thoughts about various aspects of this phone. Most of you won't be reading the whole post, so i put sub titles in bold.

The Exterior

the physical shape of the phone is to some its weakness and to some is its strength. I'm on the side who believes this phone is well-rounded. The phone is well curved on the edges, and i especially like the QWERTY. I also value a phone that looks slick and not cheap, and this one is far from cheap looking. The only downside is the back cover of the battery is a fingerprint magnet. So often the back looks dirty. Still good though.

The Interface

if there is one thing that you must point out in the phone that could use some upgrading, it is the interace. It is sleek. It is clean, but it can be a bit more user friendly. That is just my opinion. I mean, everyone should learn from other people's success. iPhone is getting the major hype because it can be completely customized with widgets. The E71 could use some of that.

Global Racing: Raging Thunder (Game)

This game comes pre-downloaded on the device (you just need to install it). It is so addictive and very nice. I like the fact that Nokia went ahead and put a racing game on this device to take advantage of the horizontal screen. Very nice. - I just have to point out that one time i ws playing the game and the whole phone got jammed and i had to remove the entire battery and reboot the thing.