27 July 2008

Ups & Downs In The Blogosphere

Summer vacation could be an excuse, but some bloggers that i personally check on a relatively daily bases have stopped blogging! The last time Marzouq blogged was July 16. The last time Outkasty posted was June 14. Furthermore, Angelo's blog has been shut down, and honestly Mark's blog is beginning to lose its touch (no offense Mark). On the other note though, some cool bloggers i'm checking out (and are my top five for this month [just created this "list" while i'm writing this :P] ) are:

  1. Jacqui
  2. SOME Contrast
  3. q80s
  4. Frankom
  5. Weeknds
PS: bloggers listed in random order.


weeknds said...

thank u verry much
I'm still a beginner in this area .. I think that I need lots of improvement

Splash said...

Thanks man :) Honestly, there are so many good bloggers from Kuwait, but they start good then they slow down. I hope that i see more bloggers coming out from Kuwait.

Angelo said...

I've opened up my blog and it's all up and running again. I really appreciate the concerns. Next shall, I shall inform my readers whenever I take sudden blog breaks every now and then.