28 February 2009

Let It Rock

I just can't get this song out of my head! It is very good --> Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne.

27 February 2009

Joined The Masses

I know everyone pretty much knows everything about the ipod Touch (probably even have one). In this post, I am just going to blog my personal opinion and experience so far.

What I like: Huge touch screen - Fast and very intuitive web surfing - Youtube App - Other Apps (although I have yet to download any)

What I dislike: Back cover is fingerprint magnet - space between screen and outline on the edges.

Overall: I'm loving it! The web surfing is very quick and easy, plus I have yet to add apps (which i'm most psyched about). Oh, and this is my FIRST touch screen gadget :-)

24 February 2009

Elite 1

I finally found the right shoe. I purchased a pair of hyperdunks a couple of months ago, but my feet never got used to them. This shoe (Jumpman Elite 1) however, which is actually my first Jordans, is very comfortable and tight. From my experience with basketball shoes, you always have to sacrifice one for the other (comfort or tight grasp on the foot). This shoe though is definitely an exception. I'm really liking it. (To the people who are thinking: "how the hell does anyone buy such shoes, then this post is probably not for you ;p)

17 February 2009

Carbon Fiber Machinery

I just love powerful machines coated with carbon fiber. Last time I had a Lenovo, it was a thinkpad. As far as I recall, i was smashing it with my shoe after it stopped working completely and no one in Hawalli was able to fix it. I think this is different. I know I just recently got a macbook, but I don't think it will be long before I change my notebook. The problems I've been having with the Macbook is its weight and the fact that the software I use works on PC only. Yes this notebook is 3 inches bigger, but it is carbon fiber coated and I think is even lighter than the macbook! I also like the fact that it has an HDMI port (which my macbook doesn't) and an option of adding a blu ray player. Now while I'm probably not changing very soon, I'm really loving this machine.

12 February 2009

The Lonely Island

They are amazing. I heard about this group from a friend a week ago, and now I just can't stop listening to their music/parodies. If for some reason you still don't know these guys, then you should go kill yourself. Seriously, see for yourself:

  1. J***ed In My Pants (Already 24 Million Views)
  2. I'm On A Boat (My Personal Favorite)
*Material Contains Mature Content, Be Advised. Enjoy!

10 February 2009

You Know You're In College When...

...You use a hanger to rip open your envelopes!

08 February 2009

Smell Of Stink

Hey everyone (or anyone). I know my blog has been stinking as of late, and I'm looking to change that. I still haven't found my missing camera. So i've decided to take pictures with my phone camera and just post that here. I know it won't be that clear, but it's better than nothing.