05 June 2009

Technical Problems

Sorry guys, I just found out that there is a problem with commenting. Will find a solution soon...

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04 June 2009

Body Of Lies: The Apple Conspiracy

I'm sick of it. I hate my Mac. There, I said it. 8 months ago, I was unable to wait any longer to take the Apple plunge. I couldn't have been more wrong. I'm not generally the type of person that goes with the flow, but I admit that I did in going with Apple. I heard all kinds of crazy things about it: how you don't get viruses, how Mac OS X rocks, and how productive it is. Well you know what, those are all lies. They make you believe in them. They make you fall for it. Once they get you, you are officially under their command. They work with some psychological aspects that make you think: "yeah, this is actually pretty good." Then you start saying crazy things like: "Macs are the best" and "I'm never going back to Windows". Well you know what, I can't wait to use Windows again. Allow me to decipher those claims of Apple:

1. You never get viruses on Macs: Hell yeah you won't. Not when you can't download any program you want. Not when you are restricted to the crappy Mac softwares. How in the world are you getting viruses when all you can use is stupid iTunes and iShit.

2. Macs are more productive: I've got news for you: they're not. You can't run any program you want on Macs, now can you? Just last quarter I was unable to use a program my University was using because I have a Mac. You can't listen to .ram audio files. All your files have to be in a Mac-accepted extension. What the hell?! Where's the productivity in that?

3. Mac OS X Rocks: It can rock my A**. When I click the green "Maximize screen" button, my window barely increases an inch in width. WTF?! Why is it called "maximize" then? Why is there a plus sign on it? Using the stupid Mac OS X, I have to resize my window by manually pressing and holding the bottom left corner and dragging. So much for being called an innovative company! And hey Mac: where's the freedom? Why can't I edit my music file info without having to use iTunes?!

Constraints, constraints, constraints. How can you be productive?

Can't wait for Win7...

Newest Addiction

01 June 2009

Drag Me To Hell: Review

I went to watch Drag Me To Hell yesterday, and I cam out very pleased. Many people say that horror movies lack a formidable story and good choreography (I am one of you), but this movie really turns the tide. I had very low expectations for the movie going in (since it's a horror movie), but was surprised at how well this movie was made. I especially liked the story and the ending, the movie always seemed to surprise me. My only criticism is concerning the acting. It wasn't bad, but could've been better. I highly recommend watching this movie.

Final Score: 4/5