29 September 2008

3eedkum Imbarak

3eedkum imbarak oo kil 3am wintaw ib 5air...from Columbus, OH ;)

25 September 2008

White Castle

I have decided that today's Futoor will be at White Castle (yes, it's been that kind of ramadan). Will update this post later tonight (if i can) with my thoughts of the place. (No, never been to white castle before).

Update: So getting to white castle was interesting. I went there walking for around 15mins. Anyways, I ordered 5 cheeseburger sliders and they weren't that good. The bun itself was actually very soggy, and the piece of meat was very small and thin. In other words, you're pretty much eating soggy bread and 2 pickles! The good part though, is that their fries is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! It is VERY good. Crispy with just the exact amount of salt needed. Would go there again to try a different slider, and more importantly get some fries!

23 September 2008

Mrs. Fields' Cookies

Hi everyone. Until I get a new camera (hopefully a powershot g9), i will be posting a photo for everyday. So today the picture is of Mrs. Fields' Cookies which are by the way amazing. They are really good, and they are my su7oor pretty much! Sun sets here in Ohio at around 7:40, so I really get to eat one meal a day. It's pretty hard to be fasting here. Anyways, tomorrow's my first day of University! Looking forward to that, and will tell you everything about it tomorrow.

22 September 2008


I know, I know. It's been around 10 days since i've last posted. I'm sorry. I was overwhelmed with University related stuff, plus i don't have a wireless connection set up at my place till now (yup, i'm using someone's unsecured wireless connection :P).

*     *     *     *
I switched! I've finally switched to Mac! So far it's been great (although i'm frustrated as to why some applications canot be maximized to whole screen view). I'm in love with the keyboard. It's amazing. I got the Black Macbook with 2.4GHz and 2GB RAM (i might upgrade to 4GB). I promise, seriously this time, to post on a daily basis. So keep in touch!

yup, this is my first post from my Mac!

15 September 2008

Rihteous Kill & Don Pablo's

So i went to watch this movie yesterday at AMC Theaters here in Ohio (allah i3een illi bil kwait, i think you will get this movie after 4 months). I was expecting alot from this movie since the cast included De Niro, Al Pacine and 50 Cent (for some reason). The movie was pretty good. The story/plot wasn't that impressive, but the acting covered it pretty well. I would recommend you go watch the movie, it's worth it. Final Score: 3.5/5

13 September 2008

Olentangy, Aladdin, Chase, At&t and Cleveland

Yeah, as the title suggests, i've been pretty much all over the place here in Ohio! Yesterday i got an apartment at Olentangy, and so far the staff have been great with helping us. I also got some furniture for the apartment.

Later on yesterday, i went to eat at Aladdin for fu6oor. It was across the street from Olentangy. It is basically an oriental/Lebanese restaurant. It was OK i guess. I really don't know how good it was 'cuz i was fasting so pretty much any food was OK for me!

I also went to Chase and opened up a bank account. I heard it's a great bank, and it's the most known bank here in Columbus.
Later on i went to At&t and got a mobile number with an individual wireless plan. So yeah, it was a LONG day indeed, but then again, it's better so i don't feel very hungry during the day since i'm busy doing stuff.

* * * * *

I am just back from Cleveland. I went there by car and it was so much fun. I like road trips really, although this one wasn't very distant. I honestly didn't get to see Cleveland a lot, but it seems like a nice place. It was also raining heavily over there and we (me and my father) weren't able to see everything very clearly. Anyways, i will definitly go there again once i get the chance, probably to see a basketball game. In the meantime though, i'm getting prepared for the USC / OSU football game tonight. Catch you guys later!

11 September 2008

Blogging From Columbus, OH

WOW! I am in Columbus, Ohio. I'm still not acquainted to saying that. Ok, where should i start? Well, I HATE INDIANS. Seriously, i'm not being racial or anything but the stereotype regarding their smell is true. My flight from Kuwait to London was filled with Indians and the plane smelled like shit. Plus, Indians take 10seconds to make them selfs feeling at home. A minute after i boarded the flight, everyone was barefoot, already asking for pillows and blankets, and letting their children loose in the plane. It was hectic. My flight from London to NY was much better. One of the flight attendants turned out to be a relative of mine, so we got automatically upgraded to First Class! I used was6a, I don't care. It was shit back there. BITE ME!
Now i'm in Ohio state university. I'm staying in Holiday Inn till i get an apartment. I attended orientation today, and honestly it was 6hrs of boredom. Anyway, i encourage everyone to come to Colombus. It is a really nice place. Nice people, and a great campus...you can't miss it! Anyhow, i'm pretty much exhausted now and need some sleep. Sorry for no photos, i'm using my father's laptop and i don't want to download the camera software on there. I will wait till i get a personal laptop. Hope i get back to posting on a daily basis. See you tomorrow!
btw: it's around 15 degrees here, bas kint ba7irkom :P

07 September 2008

One More Day

Ok. So that's it i guess. One more day for me and i'm out of here. Really excited and at the same time kinda wishing i could stay. I guess i just have mixed feelings. Anyways, just thought I would post about everything that's gonna go on tomorrow:

1. 9:35am - Flight to London
2. (sometime) - London to New York
***Stay at New York for the night***
3. (Sometime the next day) - New York to Ohio!

Yes, i am going on Kuwait Airways so i'm preparing myself mentally for some bad service. Inner state flight from New York to Ohio is via Delta Airways. Anyhow, i'm not gonna take a laptop with me, but my father is. So i'll blog if i can, but if i can't inshalla i'll blog from New York.

Now I just got to write down what i got to do for my last day...

So to all my fellow blogger: Adios! Talk to you from New York inshalla :)

06 September 2008

3 Days Left: PS3 Issue

I can't believe i've got only 3 days till the big day! I didn't pack anything yet and didn't get anything for the trip! So basically i'm running late. I got a couple of things i should do before i leave. Anyways, i'm planning on taking my PS3 with me to Ohio. I don't do partying so i thought i would spend time playing video games while everyone is out there getting drunk. So i'm thinking of just putting my PS3 in my big suitcase. Does anyone know if that's a problem with the US rules? Should i take it in a separate box? This is the only thing i'm really thinking about right now :P

03 September 2008

Zain, Cinescape & Oldies

Ok. There are ton of posts about Arab companies that have completely copied logos of American companies. But this is different. Both Zain and Cinescape are Arab companies. Now most of you might think that the logo is different, but allow me to elaborate. Both logos use same colors. Both logos have the same abstract. Both logos have the same idea: space-like galaxy or soemthing. Why? 5li9aw il designs ya3ni? Seriously it's stupid...oo i think both came out at a relatively close period of time!
* * * * *
On another note: i know you've read millions of posts regarding the stupid movies we get here in Kuwait through Cinescape. Well, it doesn't bother to read another then. I was just checking the movies coming soon, and checking at the same time their release date worldwide. Here are the movies and their release dates in the US. Keep in mind that they are coming soon here:
1. Sydney White: 21 Sept. 2007
2. The Hunting Party: 14 Sept. 2007
3. Mirror Wars: 1 Sept. 2005 !!! (that's even older than i expected before i wrote the post!!)
4. Baby Mama: 25 Apr. 2008
5. Blood Chocolate: 26 Jan 2007
6. Untraceable: 25 Jan 2008
...and these are COMING SOON!!
6 more days and i'm out .... 7amdilla!

La Liga Week 1 Frenzy

The first week of the La Liga has passed, and most people are disappointed. This is because most people are either Real Madrid fans or Barcelona Fans. Good news is, I hate both teams, and my team (Valencia) crushed Mallorca! Now i really don't know what's best: Valencia winning or Madrid & Barcelona losing. This is really good...
Oh, and i really think losing Robinho is a very stupid move by Real Madrid

Let's Rock

Yes, the event is obviously centered on the ipods, but what is the chance of new Macbooks or Macbook pros being revealed? I think the possibility is very low, but then again...the slightest of possibilities is a possibility.

02 September 2008

Seven More Days

Pressure, pressure, pressure. Next tuesday i'm off to Ohio. That is good news and bad news. Well good news, for obvious reasons, i'll be at last living the college life. Bad news is, actually are, i didn't fully pack to see if i need any thing, there is a math placement test online that i still didn't take, and i have yet to find a place to stay at in columbus! I'm just feeling the pressure mounting right now. Oh, and i promise my readers that i will be taking pictures of every thing i do and post about it here. So let the countdown begin: 7 days left...

The picture above is of Scott's Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Building.