13 September 2008

Olentangy, Aladdin, Chase, At&t and Cleveland

Yeah, as the title suggests, i've been pretty much all over the place here in Ohio! Yesterday i got an apartment at Olentangy, and so far the staff have been great with helping us. I also got some furniture for the apartment.

Later on yesterday, i went to eat at Aladdin for fu6oor. It was across the street from Olentangy. It is basically an oriental/Lebanese restaurant. It was OK i guess. I really don't know how good it was 'cuz i was fasting so pretty much any food was OK for me!

I also went to Chase and opened up a bank account. I heard it's a great bank, and it's the most known bank here in Columbus.
Later on i went to At&t and got a mobile number with an individual wireless plan. So yeah, it was a LONG day indeed, but then again, it's better so i don't feel very hungry during the day since i'm busy doing stuff.

* * * * *

I am just back from Cleveland. I went there by car and it was so much fun. I like road trips really, although this one wasn't very distant. I honestly didn't get to see Cleveland a lot, but it seems like a nice place. It was also raining heavily over there and we (me and my father) weren't able to see everything very clearly. Anyways, i will definitly go there again once i get the chance, probably to see a basketball game. In the meantime though, i'm getting prepared for the USC / OSU football game tonight. Catch you guys later!