07 September 2008

One More Day

Ok. So that's it i guess. One more day for me and i'm out of here. Really excited and at the same time kinda wishing i could stay. I guess i just have mixed feelings. Anyways, just thought I would post about everything that's gonna go on tomorrow:

1. 9:35am - Flight to London
2. (sometime) - London to New York
***Stay at New York for the night***
3. (Sometime the next day) - New York to Ohio!

Yes, i am going on Kuwait Airways so i'm preparing myself mentally for some bad service. Inner state flight from New York to Ohio is via Delta Airways. Anyhow, i'm not gonna take a laptop with me, but my father is. So i'll blog if i can, but if i can't inshalla i'll blog from New York.

Now I just got to write down what i got to do for my last day...

So to all my fellow blogger: Adios! Talk to you from New York inshalla :)


Mr. Solutions said...

Take care and good luck...

weeknds said...

alla ysami7 darbik
ana sima3t enna ohma esawoon mashakil etha kan el laptop fi baramij mansoo'7a so take care