31 August 2008

رمضان كريم

30 August 2008

Orbit Sucks

A couple of months back i was so happy about what Orbit was doing. They were bringing in new channels and everything was perfect. Lately though, things have flipped 180 degrees. We no longer have Jazeera Sport +1 and +2, and Orbit ESPN has been changed for a crappy channel by the name of EXTREME SPORTS. So I called up the customer service at Orbit to see what's going on. I told him that we have lost JSC +1 and JSC +2, so he told me that Jazeera refused to continue their contract with Orbit. Then I asked him about ESPN (which should be one of the core channels of Orbit) and he said the same thing that they refused to continue the contract with Orbit. WTF??!! ESPN??!! I mean come on...ESPN is like only on Orbit. So I told him that some other channels have been missing and he told me to restart the decoder after 10mins. 10mins later, the channels are still missing. Thank God i've only got 10 more days here.

26 August 2008

Cinescape, Julia & A Stupid Guy

((Please read the last story itha malkom 5ilg tigron kil shay))
This is probably the first time i write about three different things in one post, but this all happened yesterday, so bear with me.
1. The Cinescape Story: I was out with my friend to Al Fanar. We had nothing to do so we decided to book two tickets for the movie "Julia" at 9.30. Anyways, it was around 8.45 when a friend called and said that he is coming to meet us. So when he got here we went to book an extra ticket for him. Problem is, the ticket system was completely down. Nothing was working. The "manager" (who shouldn't really be one) was of no help. He was just sitting behind his desk doing nothing. In the end we made up a story and got my friend into the theater with us.
2. The Julia Story: I don't want to say alot about this. The movie simply sucked. It was very slowly paced and the story was completely un-original. It simply sucked big time.
3. The Stupid Guy Story: Ok, this is the most important of stories. Half way through the movie, i left since the movie sucked. My friends stayed inside the theater. I was going down the escalator (at Fanar), and infront of me were two buffed up guys wearing X-small shirts. Infront of them were two girls (actually they might be women). Anyways, the two girls weren't of the type that provokes a guy to bother them or anything. They didn't have all that crazy make-up on them or their hair done as if they were going to a 3irs. Anyways, one of the buffed up guys outstretched his leg and tried to touch one of the girls' "behind" (i think he slightly did)! So the girl noticed, and rushed down the escalator and stood on the side to avoid him. This is just plain stupid. I mean, in some cases some guys blame the girls for wearing flashy clothes, but these two girls weren't. Walla 7aram.

23 August 2008

Abu Riad Min Addo

I got the "Abu Riad Min Addo" DVD from Virgin at Lebanon last week. I used to watch the show on Future TV, and it's one of my favorite shows. I think it's very funny. So anyways, i got the DVD and wasn't expecting much of a story to the movie. And that's exactly what it is. Although there is a funny twist, this movie is just for laughs, and it's pretty funny. I recommend it especially to people who watch the show.

No More Fudds??

I was out with a friend an hour ago...we were planning to have dinner at Fuddruckers. Apparently though, Fuddruckers has close for some reason. There are big "X"s on the windows made with tape. I don't know what the issue is. Does anyone know?

How Would You Change The E71?

I found this question as a post on ENGADGET. My answer:

1. I would get the white model.
2. I would completely change the OS.
3. Improve battery life.

19 August 2008

The New Generation

Archos have just recently announced the new generation of their portable media players, the Archos 5 and Archos 7. I believe that Archos is the king of portable media and this new generation is certainly breath taking...the only reason i went with an iPod last year was because it had many accessories, but speaking in terms of the player itself, i think the Archos beats the iPod. Problem is, it doesn't get the hype the iPod gets. ARCHOS [Link] ... I WANT ONE!

Tropic Thunder - Reviewed

Easily one of the funniest movies in a while, this fast paced, action packed movie-making of a movie (you'll understand when you see the movie) is nothing short of a great flick. It's been a while since a new comedy movie has taken a new funny twist rather than just repeating the same jokes. This movie is the type that is, well, stupidly funny. Like Superhero Movie but a thousand times better. It's REALLY funny. You should go out and see it. The only bad thing about it is that it's cut in Kuwait Cinemas in weird parts of the movie! Other than that, it's Amazing. Final Score - 9/10

Lebanon Trip - Summarized

Hello fellow bloggers :) i'm back! It's been a while i know, but i really wasn't feeling like blogging in Lebanon. Anyways, i didn't record everything that happened there in chronlogical order, but here is almost all i did there (the purpose of this trip was to see part of my family there before going to university):

1. 7allab remains the best place to go in Tripoli :P ... Although the service has become a little worse, the sweets remain the best! I also tried a Snickers Latte there which wasn't that bad.
2. Roadster Diner I feel like this restaurant could really succeed in Kuwait. It's between Chilli's and Diva's. Something of everything, you know? I tried the Classic Burger 220 there and it was amazing.
3. Yes i did hear the Explosion that happened in Tripoli since i was there and allah Yir7amhom.
4. Bikaasifreen (Pronounced: B3a9ifreen) was amazing. I was sleeping there everyday and the weather was perect. It's a place up in the mountains at an altitude of around 1000 meters. It's really cool.
5. The Road Trip was good. We kept on refueling with Chips and chocolate every now and then :P ... Coming back (yesterday) we were a bit lat on schedule.
6. Gas for the Car in Lebanon is scorchingly expensive. Our car was Toyota Prado, refueling it in Kuwait costs around 10KD...while in lebanon it costs 300,000LL (60KD)!!!

One last thing, mali 5ilg i post the pictures (i only got 2 anyways of the Classic 220 burger, and a picture of the roadtrip) 'cuz i'm in a really bad mood (my lost wallet).

Lost Wallet

I just came back to Kuwait yesterday at 11pm, and i just found out today that i lost my wallet. The feeling really sucks, i don't want to do anything now. The two most important things in there are my credit card and Civil ID. Damn it!
UPDATE i just found my wallet :P

03 August 2008

And The Journey Begins...

In around 5 hours, i will begin a two day road trip to Lebanon. This is (i think) the fourth time i go to Lebanon by car, so i know pretty much what's in store. Anyway, as for the blog, i think i'm going to take a short break because i doubt i will have time to blog. I will snap pictures though for blogging later on. Catch you guys later!

02 August 2008

The Dark Knight: The Hype - Reviewed

Unlike many other movies out there, this film lives up to all the hype and "buzz" it's getting. From the much talked about Joker, to the beautifully crafted story, everything about this movies seems to be perfect. I would just like to point out something which actually made the movie much better in my eyes: the story, unlike other superhero movie stories, is very realistic and sensible. There is so much reason to this movie, and it's not the typical superhero-saves-the-day-in-the-end storyline. Something else i'd like to point out: yes it is the best superhero/marvel movie, but no it's not the best movie ever made like IMDB claim.

01 August 2008

New FM Station

Kuwait has apparently got a new FM radio station. It's on wave 98.40MHz on FM. It plays both english and arabic music. Don't really know what it's called though, just heard about it. Currently listening to it, although the clarity is very weak. It's still under testing though.