26 August 2008

Cinescape, Julia & A Stupid Guy

((Please read the last story itha malkom 5ilg tigron kil shay))
This is probably the first time i write about three different things in one post, but this all happened yesterday, so bear with me.
1. The Cinescape Story: I was out with my friend to Al Fanar. We had nothing to do so we decided to book two tickets for the movie "Julia" at 9.30. Anyways, it was around 8.45 when a friend called and said that he is coming to meet us. So when he got here we went to book an extra ticket for him. Problem is, the ticket system was completely down. Nothing was working. The "manager" (who shouldn't really be one) was of no help. He was just sitting behind his desk doing nothing. In the end we made up a story and got my friend into the theater with us.
2. The Julia Story: I don't want to say alot about this. The movie simply sucked. It was very slowly paced and the story was completely un-original. It simply sucked big time.
3. The Stupid Guy Story: Ok, this is the most important of stories. Half way through the movie, i left since the movie sucked. My friends stayed inside the theater. I was going down the escalator (at Fanar), and infront of me were two buffed up guys wearing X-small shirts. Infront of them were two girls (actually they might be women). Anyways, the two girls weren't of the type that provokes a guy to bother them or anything. They didn't have all that crazy make-up on them or their hair done as if they were going to a 3irs. Anyways, one of the buffed up guys outstretched his leg and tried to touch one of the girls' "behind" (i think he slightly did)! So the girl noticed, and rushed down the escalator and stood on the side to avoid him. This is just plain stupid. I mean, in some cases some guys blame the girls for wearing flashy clothes, but these two girls weren't. Walla 7aram.


weeknds said...

Thats why I hate to go to malls alone!
walla mas'7ara!

KWT23 said...

eee! 3aad looking ya3ni at least ur not bothering them. Bes touching, with leg, oo on "behind"!!