30 June 2008


I was just surfing Wired for any interesting articles when i found this one. The article is about an invention in photography by a man from Berlin. Supposedly this can solve a very big problem. Frankly, i still don't understand what the "fulgurator" does, but here's an excerpt from the article about how it works:

"The trick is in the triggering. The Fulgurator lies in wait until an unsuspecting photographer takes a picture using a flash. When the device's sensor sees this flash, it fires its own unit, throwing up an image which is captured by the hapless photographer's camera while remaining unseen by the naked eye."

You can read the whole article at WIRED here [link]

Update I found this other article about the same fulgurator, and i think i know what it does now. It supposedly fires a flash that alters the photos being taken by another photographer. Here are some more pics:

Espana Euro 2008 Champs!

MABROOK ESPANA. Awal marra ashaji3 faree8 oo yfoooz! I was with this team from the beginning, and although i hate Aragones, the team was AMAZING. Again, MABROOK Espana!

29 June 2008


It seems my problems with Kuwaiti Ministries will not end any time soon. I went to the place in South Surra to get my renewed civil ID, and to my surprise there wasn't one! The guy there told me that you have never requested a renewal! WTF??!! I requested one a week ago. So while i was there i requested another one. I was put in a small waiting place with 50+ Kuwaitis waiting. After what seemed ages of waiting, it was my turn. I was put in the wrong waiting line!! So after i went ballistic, i went to another room where i had to wait for two more hours. Thankfully, it was the right place this time. Unfortunately, the dude told me we can not process a new ID unless you get a "jinsiya" first. How the hell did you take my request without a "jinsiya" one week ago?! I just went crazy and left the place. Now i'm facing a huge problem because my appointment with MOHE is this thursday and it takes three days to make "jinsiya" and then two more days for the ID to be processed. Screwed.

27 June 2008

The Types of Drivers in Kuwait

Such lists are Angelo's forte, but if he may, i would like to present to you: The Types of Drivers in Kuwait. We have all been on the streets of Kuwait, roaming around and meeting various types of drivers with attitdue. Anyhow, i present to you the list:

1. Slow-Mo Drivers - These are usually men with sedans such as Cadillac STS's who just seem to be on slow motion. It's like a special gear made for them. Unlike the speedy drivers, these drivers see "gezz" from a different prespective - a somewhat slow-mo view of things!

2. Fast Lane Scorchers - These don't need any introduction. You're bound to see tens of such drivers every time you are out. They are just littering Kuwait wherever you go. Such drivers own cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Mustang, and all other speedy cars.

3. Illiterates - Those are drivers that fail to read the signs, especially the NO PARKING ZONE signs. Their cars are usually spotted thrown in the stupidest places on the streets just parked there. Their motto: Where there's a space, there's a place - wherever that place may be.

Server Error

My day/mood can't get any worse. I was just trying to book a date for MOHE on their site (i won't even link their site :@), but i can't! For some reason there is a servor error, and judging by what i hear about MOHE, the site will not likely be up again any time soon.

21 June 2008

Yoji Shinkawa

Inspired by Angelo's Post, the illustration above is by Yoji Shinkawa. The illustration is obviously for MGS4. You can find more illustrations by Yoji Shinkawa here. [Link]

G900 or Omnia?

I know i've previously posted about the top phones out there in the market; and while one wasn't out yet and the other came out to be the third (or fourth)...these two handsets are the ones i will be choosing from. Problem is: i don't know which one. Every phone has a certain advantage, and the phones can't be compared. I don't know if i should go with complete touch screen, or touchscreen with classic buttons? Should i try Samsung, or should i stay safe with Sony Ericsson? Should i go for practical or tech? Both handsets support touchscreens, 5MP cameras, and one has a built-in GPS while the other can be added to as an app. Now while the Samsung i900 Omnia is the stronger more flashier handset, it costs a whopping 200KD approx. Do I need that extra inch on the screen and the complete touchscreen display. I really don't know!

19 June 2008

MGS4 - Initial Thoughts

I have just started playing MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, and it has been more than amazing. There should be a level of gaming called "Metal Gear" amazing especially for this game. I went out and bought a dualshock 3 controller just so i can enjoy the vibrations in this game. And while some might think it's not worth it, the vibrations are actually cool. For example, when a helicopter approaches, the vibrations gradually get stronger. The experience is just worth it. For people like Mark and others who still think the X360 is better: think again. You talk about exclusive titles, this game is more than enough. People are buying the console for this game! Even if you're not a fan of action games, you still have to play this game. The things Hideo Kojima has made in this series finale transcend imagination. This game simply takes gaming to another level. Well done Hideo.

18 June 2008

And So I Begin

I knew i can't stop the inevitable: I just have to face the harshness of Kuwait's Government and the transactions that are done by the people there. Today marks my first rant. I have to go to The Ministry of Private Education Office of Affairs in Fatima Al Hashimiya School (which is apparently IN kuwait). Yes, there is no F****** phone number or map or directions or support or anything that would lead me to that place. All i know is that it's somewhere in Salmiya. I tried contacting MOE but apparently everyone is late to work there, or they just don't want to show up for work. Another sensible reason is that they are there but don't want to pick up the phone. Anyways, the savior was my friend. He called and said that he knows where it is and so i'm going there in a couple of hours. The reason i need to go there is so i can apply to Kuwait University. The reason for applying to KU is 'cuz (la sama7allah) something unfortunate happens to my application at OSU, i don't wind up at home! The only thing i get from today's incident is that i'm now better ready for my next encounter.

14 June 2008

EFi-X - Mac on a PC?!

I've read alot of articles about people hacking Mac OS X and booting it on a PC. However, they have all faced some problems. Now, there's a legit way of running Mac OS X on a PC. Now some people might think: why the hell would you want to run Mac OS X on a PC? Well the simple answer is: not everyone likes the Mac hardware. Anyways, check this out: EFi-X ... this could finally be the solution. If it's proven to work, then that brings back Sony SZ and HP Pavillion back into my choices for my next notebook. Anyhow, just check the EFi-X.

13 June 2008

American Inventor Vs. Moment of Truth

You are all pretty familiar with the show The Moment of Truth. However, only a few of you have heard of American Inventor. American Inventor is a show, well, pretty much for inventors. Any person in America who believes he or she has a prototype design of a new invention can compete. Pretty cool and interesting. On the other hand, there is the Moment of Truth, a pretty fun show to watch but not as fun for the person on the hot seat. Unfortunately, Arab media have decided to ditch a show that actually saves/builds lives (American Inventor), for a show that breaks down families. There is actually going to be an arabic version of MOT! I don't know about you, but this sounds like a horrible idea. This show is just not meant to be for Arabs. Imagine what the questions would be like! I feel that if we Arabs have to make Arabic versions of American TV shows, then we need to choose the right ones.

12 June 2008


Three more hours to go for the official release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots!

09 June 2008


Steve Jobs is a genius. I can't believe this. I previously posted that there is no way Apple would beat the HTC Touch Pro, but i'm afraid it just did. Jobs found the best way to capture everyone's soul. The iPhone for $199!! This is just insane...

I can't wait now to get to Ohio so i could buy this. Steve Jobs, you are truly a genius.

06 June 2008

Developing on Mac

I've almost made up my mind on switching to a mac this summer, however, i would like to know a mac gives you strong support in game development. Now while the official Apple site says that it does, i'm not sure if developing games on a mac is as strong as on a PC. I am planning to create a simple game in the first two years of college, and then work on something a little big later on. I have this book with a CD that teaches you how to program games in C++ on a PC. I'm looking for something as powerful as creating a game on C++. Can you use C++ programming on a mac? I might have to bes switching from mac and windows on my macbook - that would be the worst case scenario. Apple's site really helps you getting started with game devolping on a mac, but i need answers from another source. Any help?

04 June 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4

I just got the MGS4 guide, and really can't wait for June 12. This game will really fill up my time in summer. Believe it or not, Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the first game i will ever play in this franchise, and will be the last since this is the last part. This will be really interesting since i will have lots of time to play it and since its plot is very deep. I really like games with a deep plot. I have only tried one previous MGS on the PSP (Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops) - nothing against the game, but the controls were shit. Never got to play more than one mission. Anyway, i'm really anxious to get this game. It will be so much fun.

Metal Gear Solid has long been revolutionary, but Hideo Kojima has promised the best and saved it for the last part. Hideo Kojima, from what I read of his interview, says that today you rarely find a "core" game, and that he is willing to bring core gaming back again. He also says that The Bourne Trilogy has been a huge inspiration on this last sequel of the Metal Gear Solid Saga.

03 June 2008

MDA Vario IV

This is it! Forget the previous post (although some fellow bloggers thought it was helpful), 'cuz i just found the perfect phone that really DOMINATES. I doubt even Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 2 will change my mind. Yes Apple always comes up with a surprise no one ever thought of, but it's almost 100% certain the new iPhone 2 will not have a QWERTY (and if u read my previous post, i like a device with a QWERTY). I present to you T-Mobile MDA Vario IV. This is basically a T-Mobile "edition" of the HTC Touch Diamond. Although the actual HTC Touch Diamond came second to the LG, i think with the QWERTY there is no competition. I will not make the post long and boring, i will let the pics do the talking. Admire: