29 June 2008


It seems my problems with Kuwaiti Ministries will not end any time soon. I went to the place in South Surra to get my renewed civil ID, and to my surprise there wasn't one! The guy there told me that you have never requested a renewal! WTF??!! I requested one a week ago. So while i was there i requested another one. I was put in a small waiting place with 50+ Kuwaitis waiting. After what seemed ages of waiting, it was my turn. I was put in the wrong waiting line!! So after i went ballistic, i went to another room where i had to wait for two more hours. Thankfully, it was the right place this time. Unfortunately, the dude told me we can not process a new ID unless you get a "jinsiya" first. How the hell did you take my request without a "jinsiya" one week ago?! I just went crazy and left the place. Now i'm facing a huge problem because my appointment with MOHE is this thursday and it takes three days to make "jinsiya" and then two more days for the ID to be processed. Screwed.