13 June 2008

American Inventor Vs. Moment of Truth

You are all pretty familiar with the show The Moment of Truth. However, only a few of you have heard of American Inventor. American Inventor is a show, well, pretty much for inventors. Any person in America who believes he or she has a prototype design of a new invention can compete. Pretty cool and interesting. On the other hand, there is the Moment of Truth, a pretty fun show to watch but not as fun for the person on the hot seat. Unfortunately, Arab media have decided to ditch a show that actually saves/builds lives (American Inventor), for a show that breaks down families. There is actually going to be an arabic version of MOT! I don't know about you, but this sounds like a horrible idea. This show is just not meant to be for Arabs. Imagine what the questions would be like! I feel that if we Arabs have to make Arabic versions of American TV shows, then we need to choose the right ones.


Angelo said...

Really? An Arabic version of Moment of Turth? LOL, it's gonna be freakin hilarious. I wonder if they will ask the wife if she cheated her husband or something. She will easily get massacred by her family.

Unfortunately, the American Inventor isn't that hot either in terms of ratings in America either, but kudos to them for at least creating the idea of it.

KWT23 said...

I'm telling u! This is going to be really funny!