30 June 2008


I was just surfing Wired for any interesting articles when i found this one. The article is about an invention in photography by a man from Berlin. Supposedly this can solve a very big problem. Frankly, i still don't understand what the "fulgurator" does, but here's an excerpt from the article about how it works:

"The trick is in the triggering. The Fulgurator lies in wait until an unsuspecting photographer takes a picture using a flash. When the device's sensor sees this flash, it fires its own unit, throwing up an image which is captured by the hapless photographer's camera while remaining unseen by the naked eye."

You can read the whole article at WIRED here [link]

Update I found this other article about the same fulgurator, and i think i know what it does now. It supposedly fires a flash that alters the photos being taken by another photographer. Here are some more pics: