06 June 2008

Developing on Mac

I've almost made up my mind on switching to a mac this summer, however, i would like to know a mac gives you strong support in game development. Now while the official Apple site says that it does, i'm not sure if developing games on a mac is as strong as on a PC. I am planning to create a simple game in the first two years of college, and then work on something a little big later on. I have this book with a CD that teaches you how to program games in C++ on a PC. I'm looking for something as powerful as creating a game on C++. Can you use C++ programming on a mac? I might have to bes switching from mac and windows on my macbook - that would be the worst case scenario. Apple's site really helps you getting started with game devolping on a mac, but i need answers from another source. Any help?


Angelo said...

When you go mac, you never go back.

Take it from me :)