19 June 2008

MGS4 - Initial Thoughts

I have just started playing MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, and it has been more than amazing. There should be a level of gaming called "Metal Gear" amazing especially for this game. I went out and bought a dualshock 3 controller just so i can enjoy the vibrations in this game. And while some might think it's not worth it, the vibrations are actually cool. For example, when a helicopter approaches, the vibrations gradually get stronger. The experience is just worth it. For people like Mark and others who still think the X360 is better: think again. You talk about exclusive titles, this game is more than enough. People are buying the console for this game! Even if you're not a fan of action games, you still have to play this game. The things Hideo Kojima has made in this series finale transcend imagination. This game simply takes gaming to another level. Well done Hideo.


Eddy said...

agree with u a 100%..this is the best game i've played in my life...is probably also one of the best movies i've seen if u put all the cutscenes together...:)