29 October 2008

Quarantine & Max Payne

Ok, I know i suck a little when it comes to posting on a regular basis. Anyways, I would just like to update you guys (whoever reads this blog anyway) of two movies which you should absolutely avoid watching any time in your life. The first is Quarantine. This movie absolutely has no beginning, no end, and no middle. The plot is just lost in the mix. The movie is horrible. Really horrible. It's not bad because it's a repeated story (actually that would've been better). It is bad because the story simply sucks (as if there is one). Anyway, just don't go to this one.
Another one is Max Payne. Now some might disagree with me on this one. But honestly, what kind of stupid movie was this? The acting was horrible (especially Ludacris), and Mark Wahlberg was very disappointing. To add to that, the story had nothing original at all. It's just pure lameness. People who liked the video game would appreciate this game, but once you think about the movie itself, you will realize it was bad.
Next up on my list are Body of Lies and Pride and Glory. Those two should be a lot better. Reviews coming soon...

20 October 2008

Dunkin Beats Starbucks

Dunkin Beats Starbucks is the new campaign from Dunkin' Donuts to show everyone that Starbucks Coffee sucks. And that is exactly why i'm posting about this. Not a big fan of Dunkin' Donuts myself, but it's about time people realized that Starbucks Coffee is overhyped.

16 October 2008

Apple Sucks

I don't care what all of you say. My message is simple and clear: Apple sucks. They have managed to lure everyone to their systems through good marketing. I am a victim too. I don't care what people say about Apple, it's all not true. It is NOT an easy system to use. Everyone goes crazy about how it is much sleeker and easier than a PC. It is NOT. I just got my mac around 3 weeks ago, and i've never felt the "Apple feeling" which is overhyped. To me, Windows is much easier to use. Say what ever you want, I will not change my opinion. I demand simple tasks from a computer, and i'm frankly not getting them from my Mac. Mac lacks a decent Bittorrent client. Oh, and Transmission does suck. Allow me to elaborate: I have a decent wireless connection. My friend has his HP, and I stupidly went with a Mac. We both tried to download the same torrent file. The download on the HP reached speeds of 500KB/s while my speeds reached a max of 100KB/s. Actually, the average download speed was around 30KB/s. It is also not consistent. Furthermore, the iTunes is dumb on the Mac. It doesn't realize that it's adding multiples of the same file onto the library. A message should appear telling me that there are multiples of the same file.
Simply put, i'm not in control of my Mac. It is in control of me. I wish i went with a Vaio instead :( ... now i'm planning on selling my macbook and getting a Vaio.

So just a message to Steve Jobs: instead of mastering the art of marketing, you should be mastering the art of actually making decent software. I mean, no hate to all of you Apple fans. Yes the Apple is safer to use (no viruses), and blab all you want about it being more productive (which i disagree with because technically there are more software for Windows than there are on Mac). I never thought I would ever be writing this post. I really need help understanding this machine because honestly, i'm not getting what i thought i would from it.

The Art Of Procrastination, Mastered.

Yup. It's really tough to deal with procrastination. It's by far one of my biggest problems. I have a Lab due for tomorrow (which my TA wouldn't help me with because she just doesn't reply to my emails). Its been a long week for me. Midterms, homeworks, quizzes...etc. I'm looking forward to the weekend though. Here are some of the stuff i have planned out for the weekend:
  1. Watch Body Of Lies - this has to be one of the best movies. I am dying to watch this.
  2. Watch Sexdrive - This should probably crack me up a little.
  3. Watch Max Payne - Mark Wahlberg is Legit.
  4. Watch OSU beat the spartans - this should be a good game.
  5. Play Basketball
  6. Play soccer
So yeah! Pretty much it's all just movies and sports. The weekend i've been waiting for!

14 October 2008

Not Impressed.

Aside from the glossiness that accompanies a glass finishing from corner to corner (and the glass trackpad), i'm really not that impressed with today's Apple event. No Hi Def (Blu Ray)?? Are they kidding me? A sony Vaio 13.1" has Blu Ray now. This is just stupid. At least put it as an optional upgrade. Really not impressed :(.

Photo courtesy of Engadget.

09 October 2008

Catching Up

I sincerely apologize for the hiatus everyone. I have finally managed to hook up my camera with my Mac (finally). So here are some pics of random stuff i've been up to here in Columbus!

It's Waaaay better than fast food. It's Wendy's! (not really) But it's still good for fast food, and i'm liking it.

A science museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Very fascinating and cool stuff in there!

I'm really feeling at home right now, and trying to get more acquainted with the place. The people here are great! Everyone's friendly and social. The above picture is of a football game being watched on a projection by hundreds (but the shot obviously doesn't show that). This is where the Buckeyes beat the Badgers by 3pts! Very good game.

04 October 2008

Torrent Issue

This issue is really bothering me. I am looking for a decent torrent program for Mac. I first tried Transmission, but it sucked. It didn't reach high speeds for some reason. Then I tried BitTorrent. It was downloading at decent speeds, but after my download reached around 60%, it gave me an error message and deleted all partially downloaded files! That really got me angry. Anyways, please anyone who knows a good torrent application, please drop a comment. Thank you in advance :)

ps: I remember there was BitComet for Mac, but I can't find it. Anyone know anything regarding that?

01 October 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome!

Hey everyone! I know most of my posts are boring and meaningless for the last couple of weeks. I am just overwhelmed with university-related stuff. Anyways, the best thing i've been doing since i got here was try restaurants! Here are the rests. that i can remember right now with their corresponding ratings:
  1. Wendy's: Good (I will post a separate entry about that).
  2. White Castle: Bad (Fries was amazing though)
  3. Red Lobster: OK (I remember it used to be better)
  4. Olive Garden: Good (ate there twice so far and both times it was good)
  5. Morton's: Awesome (the best restaurant i've dined in so far!)
  6. Pizza Hut: Bad (Yes it was a delivery, but the cheese to tomato sauce was way off)
  7. Taco Bell: Good (could've been better, but still good)
  8. Cheesecake Factory: Good (Another restaurant that used to be even better)
  9. Brio: Good (A very nice place if you're craving Italian)
  10. P.F. Chang's: OK (The shrimp was the only thing above average)
  11. Johnny Rockets: Awesome (as always!)
Those are the places i could really remember at the moment. Anyways, the next rest. i want to try is RED ROBIN. It was recommended by Angelo, and everyone here says it's great!