01 October 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome!

Hey everyone! I know most of my posts are boring and meaningless for the last couple of weeks. I am just overwhelmed with university-related stuff. Anyways, the best thing i've been doing since i got here was try restaurants! Here are the rests. that i can remember right now with their corresponding ratings:
  1. Wendy's: Good (I will post a separate entry about that).
  2. White Castle: Bad (Fries was amazing though)
  3. Red Lobster: OK (I remember it used to be better)
  4. Olive Garden: Good (ate there twice so far and both times it was good)
  5. Morton's: Awesome (the best restaurant i've dined in so far!)
  6. Pizza Hut: Bad (Yes it was a delivery, but the cheese to tomato sauce was way off)
  7. Taco Bell: Good (could've been better, but still good)
  8. Cheesecake Factory: Good (Another restaurant that used to be even better)
  9. Brio: Good (A very nice place if you're craving Italian)
  10. P.F. Chang's: OK (The shrimp was the only thing above average)
  11. Johnny Rockets: Awesome (as always!)
Those are the places i could really remember at the moment. Anyways, the next rest. i want to try is RED ROBIN. It was recommended by Angelo, and everyone here says it's great!


Angelo said...

Hahaha nice, now I'm hungry right now. I guess Cheesecake factory is always adored by Kuwaitis for some reason, I mean its menu is good but not "OMG that's so f***ing tasty". Johnny Rockets is excellent as always just s you said.

I think you will enjoy Red Robin. I don't want to overhype it but it is very nice and the prices are really inviting.

Next up: California Pizza Kitchen. Their Santa Fe Chicken Pizza is to die for, and the Tuscan Hummus is surprisingly good.