29 October 2008

Quarantine & Max Payne

Ok, I know i suck a little when it comes to posting on a regular basis. Anyways, I would just like to update you guys (whoever reads this blog anyway) of two movies which you should absolutely avoid watching any time in your life. The first is Quarantine. This movie absolutely has no beginning, no end, and no middle. The plot is just lost in the mix. The movie is horrible. Really horrible. It's not bad because it's a repeated story (actually that would've been better). It is bad because the story simply sucks (as if there is one). Anyway, just don't go to this one.
Another one is Max Payne. Now some might disagree with me on this one. But honestly, what kind of stupid movie was this? The acting was horrible (especially Ludacris), and Mark Wahlberg was very disappointing. To add to that, the story had nothing original at all. It's just pure lameness. People who liked the video game would appreciate this game, but once you think about the movie itself, you will realize it was bad.
Next up on my list are Body of Lies and Pride and Glory. Those two should be a lot better. Reviews coming soon...