31 May 2008

Battle Of The Big Dogs

Mobile phones are arguably the most important piece of technology we own/need today. Unfortunately, there are many people who'se choice is affected mainly because of the brand. There are also people who listen to the word on the streets. Because i'm going to buy a phone this summer, and to help everyone with this, i've decided to face-off eight phones which are considered the high-end devices in their respective brands (Blackberry Bold, Nokia N96, HTC Touch Diamond, Samsung F480, Sony Ericsson G900, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, and LG KU990 Viewty). So her goes:

1. Blackberry Bold
* Physical Design: Blackberry have added more curves and made this device sleeker, with black glass piano-like finishing, this phone rocks. Also something that I personally like which alot of people don't is the QWERTY. >> 9/10
* User Interface: The user interface of this phone is a huge leap for Blackberry, but is frankly not for today's phones. It was important for Blackberry to make this phone more graphical and user friendly. So that is neither a downside nor an upside. >> 8/10
* Camera: The Blackberry Bold sports a very weak 2MP camera. While we do know that this phne is not meant for taking pictures, a phone in today's world should at least have a 3MP. I don't know why they didn't put a 3MP camera. >> 4/10
* Screen: While there are no exact measurements of the screen size, it is obvious form videos on Youtube that it's pretty big. Unfortunately no touchscreen. The screen resolution is 480 x 320 pixels. >> 6/10
* GPS: GPS will be an important factor for me since i will be in a new city and so i need virtual maps. The Blackberry Bold has built in GPS and uses BlackBerry Maps (I really don't know how reliable and accurate their maps are). >> 3.5/5
* Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g. >> 5/5

* Price: $700. >> 3/5

Overall Score: 38.5/55 >> 70%

2. Nokia N96

* Physical Design: A sleek design with two way sliding and only a couple of buttons. Very brushed finishing and glossy. >> 8.5/10
* User Interface: Not a really up to hyped UI. I'm looking for a really eye-catching UI, and this is not the one. None-the-less, still graphic. >> 6/10

* Camera: 5 MP, 2592x1944 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, video(VGA 30fps), flash; secondary VGA videocall camera. Pretty much got everything here. >> 10/10

* Screen: 2.8 inches, 240 x 320. Also, glossy like screen which i like. >> 7/10

* GPS: Built in GPS reciever. >> 5/5

* Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology. >> 5/5

* Price: Not Available.

Overall Score: 41.5/55 to 46.5/55 >> 75% to 85%

3. HTC Touch Diamond
* Physical Design: The sleekest of all devices here, but i'm not liking the back of this device although it seemed they were trying to give it a distinct identity with the back cover. Personally didn't like it though. >> 8.5/10
* User Interface: This is it! This device really has a revolutionary user interface. With TouchFLO 3D finger swipe navigation, this device has the best UI for sure. Unfortunately, from videos on Youtube, it seems the responsiveness of this device is a bit slow. >> 9/10

* Camera: 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, video; secondary VGA videocall camera. Unfortunately, the camera resolution is a little weak. >> 7.5/10

* Screen: 2.8 inches 480 x 640 screen resolution which is great for the intuitive UI. >> 9.5/10

* GPS: Built in GPS with A-GPS. >> 5/5

* Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g. >> 5/5

* Price: $800 >> 3/5
Overall Score: 47.5/55 >> 86%

4. Samsung F480
* Physical Design: A really slim and simple design. Nothing fancy, yet pretty good looking with only two buttons. >> 8/10
* User Interface: Thankfully, Samsung has changed it's Croix UI and instead went with a more graphical and colored UI which is great. What is also cool in this device is that you can customize whatever icons you want on the home screen by just dragging them on there. >> 9/10
* Camera: 5 MP, 2592 х 1944 pixels, autofocus, video(QVGA), flash. Pretty good, but i'm not sure if this device has a secondary video-call camera. >> 9/10

* Screen: 2.8 inches 240 x 320 pixels. >> 8.5/10

* GPS: No. >> 0/5

* Wi-Fi: No >> 0/5

* Price: Not Available.

Overall Score: 34.5/55 to 39.5/55 >> 63% to 72%

5. Sony Ericsson G900

* Physical Design: Simple classic design. Nothing flashy here. >> 8.5/10

* User Interface: Sony ericsson have improved their UI in their new phones. "Sliding Screens" is also pretty cool. >> 9/10

* Camera: 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, image stabiliser, video, flash; secondary videocall camera. A strong camera, just what i need. >> 10/10

* Screen: 2.4 inches 240 x 320 touchscreen. A little small for touchscreen phones. 2.4in is pretty good, but not for a touchscreen. >> 8/10

* GPS: No. >> 0/5

* Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g. >> 5/5
* Price: $800. >> 3/5

Overall Score: 43.5/55 >> 79%

6. Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

* Physical Design: Very well designed device with sliding Qwerty. Unfortunately, very bid and thick. >> 6.5/10
* User Interface: A really great UI that sony has put into this device, with a great feature of "panels". >> 9/10

* Camera: 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, video(VGA@30fps), flash; secondary videocall camera. >> 7.5/10

* Screen: 3 inch 800 x 480 touchscreen. The best resolution! >> 10/10

* GPS: built in GPS reciever. >> 5/5

* Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g >> 5/5

* Price: $1000 >> 2.5/5
Overall Score: 45.5/55 >> 83%

7. LG KU990 Viewty

* Physical Design: A very well created piece of technology. Very nice and sleek. >> 9/10

* User Interface: My friend has this phone so i was able to play around with it, and i must say it really has a very nice UI. Very graphic and colorful. >> 9/10

* Camera: 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, video(VGA 30fps, QVGA up to 120fps), strobe flash; secondary VGA videocall camera. A really great camera. Arguably the best here, it is superfast 120fps. >> 10/10

* Screen: 3 inch 240 x 320 touchscreen glossiness is what you'll get here. Very sleek and nice and big. >> 10/10

* GPS: GPS through google maps (using wi-fi) >> 4/5

* Wi-Fi: yes. >> 5/5

* Price: $500 >> 3.5/5

Overall Score: 50.5/55 >> 92%

So there you have it. Of course, in a few days Apple could just sweep everything with its iPhone!

29 May 2008

10MB for $3398

I just found this really cool picture at Boing Boing. Photo courtesy of Widelec.

28 May 2008

Summer Games

Summer is almost here (meaning the end of school), so there's nothing better to do than relax under the air condition and enjoy the power of video gaming. Although i have alot to worry about papers and stuff for university, i think i will have alot of time playing. Here are the games i'm going to be playing this summer:

1. Grand Theft Auto IV

2. Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of The Patriots

3. Battlefield - Bad Company

4. Top Spin 3

25 May 2008

Wok n Roll

I tried Wok n Roll for the first time two days ago, and this is a good review! At first, i thought that there weren't any good chinese delivery restaurants in Kuwait. My sister though insisted we try this one, and so we did. It was really great. We ordered (from what i remember) Shrimp on toast (good, but not crispy), Szechuan chicken (very good), Meat with brocolli (meat quality was bad), steamed rice (good), vegetable noodles (good) and sweet and sour chicken (good). As is the obvious, this restaurant is generally good, and i will definetly try it again.

I Hate IBM

That's it. I have had enough of my IBM F***pad ... it is time for dissection:

24 May 2008

A Note From Michael

20 May 2008


19 May 2008

New Macbooks Q3 2008

After reading Mark's post about his situation needing a new macbook, and that some comments said that new macbooks will be released in the summer, i wanted to search for rumors if that is true. And indeed it was, this is what i found at MacRumors:

"Marketwatch relays a Commercial Times report that suggests we will see the next MacBook revisions in Q3 2008 (July-September).According to the newspaper, AU Optronics Corp.and Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corp. received orders for flat-panel displays to be used in the next MacBook.
Taiwan's top two flat-panel makers by revenue, have obtained flat-panel orders for Apple Inc.'s new MacBook, the Commercial Times reported Friday, citing industry sources.The shipment target for this new MacBook is said to be in the 3rd quarter of 2008 for up to 3 million units.The MacBook was last updated ahead of expectations in late February. Those updates were relatively modest, primarily replacing the MacBook processor with the new Penryn chips. A 3rd Quarter release would put the next MacBook revisions behind the introduction of the Montevina platform which is due in June. Other reports have claimed that the next MacBook would see "major design changes" with a transition from plastic to aluminum and stainless steel. "

17 May 2008


While everyone was out there voting, i was taking the TOEFL test for the second time. The first time i did it, i got a score of 99. I was so unlucky 'cuz i need a 100 to get a merit scholarship. Unfortunately, i was going to have to do it again. Anyways, i did my TOEFL test in this place called Expression English Training. It is located inside the Dasman Mall. For those of you who don't know what Dasman Mall is: it's the place where all school kids send their projects to be done for them for 20KD.

Anyhow, this post is about the really crafty way the place was designed and decorated. First of all, i would like to point out that the place is like a maze. I was turning in circles until i realized i was coming back to the same place. The best thing about the place were the posters that were hung on the wall. They were electronics poster that shine at certain places. They were cool.
What was totally not cool though was the fact that there were many students there that were going to take the tests, and they were such show-offs. Like there was this girl who was a total American-wannabe. She thought that showing everyone her underpants was cool. She was also like the type of person that is "i'm-fast-i-can-finish-the-test-before-everyone" type. URGH. Anyhow, hope i get a 100 this time :D

14 May 2008

Sparq Training by Nike

As you may all know from my blog, i'm going to be a buckeye (inshalla) in 3 months. I know i'm not the best athlete there is, but i know i can get better. I have decided that i will start a personal training program (tailored by me) to become a better athlete. Now to do so, i must find the right base program and equipment. And i think i just did. I don't know how i landed on this system, but it looks great. I'm not sure how old or new this system is, but i'm really liking it. Nike have a training system by the name of SPARQ. I love Nike, and so i think this would suit me perfectly.

Nike have also developed through this system a way to rate all athletes in the world. You basically perform a set of exercises and the program will calculate your Athletic Score. Now while this is pretty cool, I would like to get my score before and after i use this system. My only problem with this program is that you need a lot of space, so i'm hoping i can find such space at a basketball court in OSU. You can check out the program by going to the Sparq Training website. Or check out the products at the Sparq Store website.

This campaign of globalizing this system has also been used by many athletes (Brandon Roy in the previous pic). Also there have been alot of cool advertisements for this program. Here is one:

13 May 2008

Air Jordan CP3

Chris Paul is the MVP runner-up, first team all-defensive player, and an electrifying talent in the NBA. Arguably the best PG in the NBA today, CP3 plays with a ton of emotion and driving force. He doesn't back down. Due to the previous reasons - and the fact that he has become my second best player after LeBron James - I WANT THIS SHOE!

Sheikh Saad

عظم الله أجركم يا أهل الكويت

12 May 2008

Ohio Weather

I just read this really cool article concerning Ohio state University and the weather there. Here is a very interesting paragraph:

"I once knew someone who carried snow emergency equipment in his car 12 months a
year, "just in case". While this is a bit extreme, weather here is much as the
saying goes, "if you don't like the weather in Ohio, just wait an hour." If
you're going to spend a year or two or four here you will need everything from
heavy winter gloves and boots to light tropical summer wear...and everything in
between. If you have to switch from "heat" to "A/C" on the same day...you're in
Ohio. "

Read the full article HERE

BlackBerry 9000 (BOLD)

I was waiting for the perfect new phone to come up (i really need to change my SE W800). This new BlackBerry phone - called BOLD, is really cool. It would be a great companion phone for my first years at college - OSU. It has GPS, which i will be using alot at Ohio. Would really like to get my hands on this!

10 May 2008

Nike Hurrache 2K4

I never thought this would ever happen, but i just found my old basketball shoes. This pair actually was my very first basketball shoe (which was a gift from my father) - around 5 years ago. I was really crazy about them when i first got them. Now, there is NO way i will wear these. They look really ugly. What's nice though, is that i've stayed faithful to Nike. There is just no better than Nike.

My Application

I just recieved an envelope from OSU a week ago to confirm the acceptance offer! I can't believe i'm going to be in OHIO in almost 3 - 4 months! It's a really exhilirating feeling. I can't wait. Now my struggles begin with MOHE. I'm going to apply for a merit scholarship (inshalla), and i hope the MOHE doesn't give me too much trouble.

03 May 2008

Go Buckeyes!

I can just feel my self a part of this O-H-I-O crowd!

02 May 2008

Cinnabon Delivery

Now you can enjoy Seattle's Best Coffee delivered right to your home for orders with a minimum charge of 3KD.

Tel: 5711911

Grand Carrera Concept Chronograph

I'm really craving this watch. It was released at the BaselWorld 08 Show. This watch was inspired by the K.O. 7 Sports car created by Ken Okuyama. I'm really loving this watch simply because I think that Tag Heuer designs the best chronographs. Furthermore, i love technology in everything i wear - and this concept timepiece delivers nothing less than that. This watch pulses 36,000 vibrations per hour! Adding on that is the precision factor - this watch delivers time at 1/10th of a second accuracy! It is the only watch out there that has this kind of accuracy.


Welcome to Buckeye 23 @ Blogspot. I'm previously known as Kwt23, and i hope this page will be my final destination. I just got accepted at Ohio State University yesterday, and that's where the name buckeye comes from (Buckeye is the mascot for OSU). As for the number 23, it is a tribute to my favorite basketball player, Michael Jordan. Hope you enjoy the blog!