17 May 2008


While everyone was out there voting, i was taking the TOEFL test for the second time. The first time i did it, i got a score of 99. I was so unlucky 'cuz i need a 100 to get a merit scholarship. Unfortunately, i was going to have to do it again. Anyways, i did my TOEFL test in this place called Expression English Training. It is located inside the Dasman Mall. For those of you who don't know what Dasman Mall is: it's the place where all school kids send their projects to be done for them for 20KD.

Anyhow, this post is about the really crafty way the place was designed and decorated. First of all, i would like to point out that the place is like a maze. I was turning in circles until i realized i was coming back to the same place. The best thing about the place were the posters that were hung on the wall. They were electronics poster that shine at certain places. They were cool.
What was totally not cool though was the fact that there were many students there that were going to take the tests, and they were such show-offs. Like there was this girl who was a total American-wannabe. She thought that showing everyone her underpants was cool. She was also like the type of person that is "i'm-fast-i-can-finish-the-test-before-everyone" type. URGH. Anyhow, hope i get a 100 this time :D


Mr. Solutions said...

Good Luck inshalah...

KWT23 said...

thanks :) ... inshalla