14 May 2008

Sparq Training by Nike

As you may all know from my blog, i'm going to be a buckeye (inshalla) in 3 months. I know i'm not the best athlete there is, but i know i can get better. I have decided that i will start a personal training program (tailored by me) to become a better athlete. Now to do so, i must find the right base program and equipment. And i think i just did. I don't know how i landed on this system, but it looks great. I'm not sure how old or new this system is, but i'm really liking it. Nike have a training system by the name of SPARQ. I love Nike, and so i think this would suit me perfectly.

Nike have also developed through this system a way to rate all athletes in the world. You basically perform a set of exercises and the program will calculate your Athletic Score. Now while this is pretty cool, I would like to get my score before and after i use this system. My only problem with this program is that you need a lot of space, so i'm hoping i can find such space at a basketball court in OSU. You can check out the program by going to the Sparq Training website. Or check out the products at the Sparq Store website.

This campaign of globalizing this system has also been used by many athletes (Brandon Roy in the previous pic). Also there have been alot of cool advertisements for this program. Here is one: