29 March 2009


I was looking for an alternative to the Cybershot HX1 (Just in case it gets really bad reviews once it is released) when I found this. Is Amazon really selling the Canon Powershot G9 for $799.77?! You can also see from the snapshot that the G10 is selling for $409.88. Weird.

On another note, if anyone has ever used/owned a Powershot G9 or G10, your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks!

26 March 2009

Hampton Inn on 35th St.

This is why I always like to choose Hampton Inn as my hotel wherever I go. I just came back from NYC (although it was fun, I must admit that NYC is not my type of city), where I stayed for 5 nights at Hampton Inn. Let me start by saying that the location is amazing. It is not right in the middle of the action (Times Square), but located precisely within a 5 minute walk. It had a very convenient location as we (me and my friend) were able to commute to and fro our hotel very easily to places like Times Square, Madison Square Garden, and Rockefeller. Now I must say that this is not your typical 5 or 4 star hotel. No. It's more of a 3.5 star hotel. The management and cleanliness, though, would earn 4 stars easily. The only difference is that some amenities aren't provided here that you would typically find in a Sheraton (such as a swimming pool). Nonetheless, this hotel provided free Wi-Fi, breakfast (which I never got to try), and a small gym room. Also I must note something that surprised me, which is that there was no fridge in our room for some reason. I highly recommend this hotel for people who want to be very close to the action, go easy on their wallets, and want a comfy stay.

21 March 2009

Miss March & I Love You, Man - Reviews

Ok, double posting time. I've watched pretty decent comedy movies as of late, so I only hope that these two movies are good too. Miss March was a very witty idea with a new plot. Basically, the guy gets into a coma the day he was supposed to get laid. The humor continues from that point on. It was a very good comedy film. I laughed so hard. I Love You, Man stars Rashida Jones from The Office. I didn't think she looked attractive on The Office, but she sure did in this movie. The laughs didn't stop in this movie either, although if I were to choose the better movie, it would be Miss March by a hair. Two very good movies, Must-Sees.

16 March 2009

Spring Break

While everyone is flooding to the beaches of the world for a crazy spring break, I decided to lay back a little. Ok, that was a lie (although I'm still not going to any beach). I still haven't decided what to do with my spring break, and it starts tomorrow for me! I already bought tickets for a Cavalier's (basketball) game in Cleveland, but that is like for 1 day. I would really like to drive to a nearby state, but I'm not feeling like researching stuff! I might just end up staying put in Columbus...

* Photo courtesy of MarsW. Check out her Flickr Page [Here].

Laish Il Tifilsif?

American's have their way of irritating everybody. I personally think that they are "falsafchiyeen" zyada 3an il lzoom. Allow me to clarify:

Why do you use feet when everyone else in the World uses meters?
Why do you use miles per hour when everyone else uses Kilometers per hour?
Why do you use pounds when everyone else uses Kilograms?
Why do you use the fahrenheit scale when everyone else uses the celsius scale?

Those are a couple of questions brought up by the fact that I just failed my Finals because of conversions between scales.

12 March 2009

Me Want!

This is meant to be. I lost my last point and shoot camera (Casio Exillim Z1000) around 3 months ago, and it's time to get a new one. Unfortunately, the HX-1 isn't available till late April. Still though, I think this camera has exactly what I want. I'm not a professional photographer, so I don't want a dSLR, yet I want something with stronger capabilities than a compact point and shoot. Along with Panorama and HD video recording capabilities, there is no reason for not getting this (except that its price is a little too much at $499).
April 29th, my calendar is marked.

10 March 2009

Safari Mystery

For the past two days, I haven't been able to use the internet because my computer won't let me. Everything was fine with the laptop, when suddenly it stopped letting me get on the internet. The connection was established with the router, and I have a wireless signal, but Safari itself won't open up the homepage. Somehow, miraculously, everything is back to normal, and I can connect to the internet. Weird...

08 March 2009

Watchmen (Verdict: Sucks Big Time)

I just watched one of the worst movies of the year (even possibly of all time). I wasn't even expecting much out of this movie, and it still sucked. It was very very bad. I wouldn't recommend watching it. A waste of time, really.