16 October 2008

Apple Sucks

I don't care what all of you say. My message is simple and clear: Apple sucks. They have managed to lure everyone to their systems through good marketing. I am a victim too. I don't care what people say about Apple, it's all not true. It is NOT an easy system to use. Everyone goes crazy about how it is much sleeker and easier than a PC. It is NOT. I just got my mac around 3 weeks ago, and i've never felt the "Apple feeling" which is overhyped. To me, Windows is much easier to use. Say what ever you want, I will not change my opinion. I demand simple tasks from a computer, and i'm frankly not getting them from my Mac. Mac lacks a decent Bittorrent client. Oh, and Transmission does suck. Allow me to elaborate: I have a decent wireless connection. My friend has his HP, and I stupidly went with a Mac. We both tried to download the same torrent file. The download on the HP reached speeds of 500KB/s while my speeds reached a max of 100KB/s. Actually, the average download speed was around 30KB/s. It is also not consistent. Furthermore, the iTunes is dumb on the Mac. It doesn't realize that it's adding multiples of the same file onto the library. A message should appear telling me that there are multiples of the same file.
Simply put, i'm not in control of my Mac. It is in control of me. I wish i went with a Vaio instead :( ... now i'm planning on selling my macbook and getting a Vaio.

So just a message to Steve Jobs: instead of mastering the art of marketing, you should be mastering the art of actually making decent software. I mean, no hate to all of you Apple fans. Yes the Apple is safer to use (no viruses), and blab all you want about it being more productive (which i disagree with because technically there are more software for Windows than there are on Mac). I never thought I would ever be writing this post. I really need help understanding this machine because honestly, i'm not getting what i thought i would from it.


weeknds said...

I hate apple too
alla y3eenik 3ala el bilsh elli enta feeha
9ij u broke my heart

KWT23 said...

la bes jad seriously, apple succeeded in tricking me through their marketing to get the macbook, but for SURE my next laptop (which will be VERY soon) will be windows based.