27 June 2008

The Types of Drivers in Kuwait

Such lists are Angelo's forte, but if he may, i would like to present to you: The Types of Drivers in Kuwait. We have all been on the streets of Kuwait, roaming around and meeting various types of drivers with attitdue. Anyhow, i present to you the list:

1. Slow-Mo Drivers - These are usually men with sedans such as Cadillac STS's who just seem to be on slow motion. It's like a special gear made for them. Unlike the speedy drivers, these drivers see "gezz" from a different prespective - a somewhat slow-mo view of things!

2. Fast Lane Scorchers - These don't need any introduction. You're bound to see tens of such drivers every time you are out. They are just littering Kuwait wherever you go. Such drivers own cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Mustang, and all other speedy cars.

3. Illiterates - Those are drivers that fail to read the signs, especially the NO PARKING ZONE signs. Their cars are usually spotted thrown in the stupidest places on the streets just parked there. Their motto: Where there's a space, there's a place - wherever that place may be.