18 June 2008

And So I Begin

I knew i can't stop the inevitable: I just have to face the harshness of Kuwait's Government and the transactions that are done by the people there. Today marks my first rant. I have to go to The Ministry of Private Education Office of Affairs in Fatima Al Hashimiya School (which is apparently IN kuwait). Yes, there is no F****** phone number or map or directions or support or anything that would lead me to that place. All i know is that it's somewhere in Salmiya. I tried contacting MOE but apparently everyone is late to work there, or they just don't want to show up for work. Another sensible reason is that they are there but don't want to pick up the phone. Anyways, the savior was my friend. He called and said that he knows where it is and so i'm going there in a couple of hours. The reason i need to go there is so i can apply to Kuwait University. The reason for applying to KU is 'cuz (la sama7allah) something unfortunate happens to my application at OSU, i don't wind up at home! The only thing i get from today's incident is that i'm now better ready for my next encounter.


BB said...

welcome 2 Kuwait
You didn't c any thing yet dear :D