03 June 2008

MDA Vario IV

This is it! Forget the previous post (although some fellow bloggers thought it was helpful), 'cuz i just found the perfect phone that really DOMINATES. I doubt even Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 2 will change my mind. Yes Apple always comes up with a surprise no one ever thought of, but it's almost 100% certain the new iPhone 2 will not have a QWERTY (and if u read my previous post, i like a device with a QWERTY). I present to you T-Mobile MDA Vario IV. This is basically a T-Mobile "edition" of the HTC Touch Diamond. Although the actual HTC Touch Diamond came second to the LG, i think with the QWERTY there is no competition. I will not make the post long and boring, i will let the pics do the talking. Admire: