02 August 2008

The Dark Knight: The Hype - Reviewed

Unlike many other movies out there, this film lives up to all the hype and "buzz" it's getting. From the much talked about Joker, to the beautifully crafted story, everything about this movies seems to be perfect. I would just like to point out something which actually made the movie much better in my eyes: the story, unlike other superhero movie stories, is very realistic and sensible. There is so much reason to this movie, and it's not the typical superhero-saves-the-day-in-the-end storyline. Something else i'd like to point out: yes it is the best superhero/marvel movie, but no it's not the best movie ever made like IMDB claim.


Angelo said...

This is absolutely my favorite superhero movie to date. It's pure PWNAGE!!

mims said...

its DC comics yal 9aida not marvel!
for some reason i still love spiderman more.. hated batman and his ugly voice! ughh.. but joker is definitely best villian EVER! no doubt!

kwt23 said...

Angelo: Yes it is! But it is not the best movie ever!

mims: well they are both the same to me :P ... yeah his voice irritates!