19 August 2008

Lebanon Trip - Summarized

Hello fellow bloggers :) i'm back! It's been a while i know, but i really wasn't feeling like blogging in Lebanon. Anyways, i didn't record everything that happened there in chronlogical order, but here is almost all i did there (the purpose of this trip was to see part of my family there before going to university):

1. 7allab remains the best place to go in Tripoli :P ... Although the service has become a little worse, the sweets remain the best! I also tried a Snickers Latte there which wasn't that bad.
2. Roadster Diner I feel like this restaurant could really succeed in Kuwait. It's between Chilli's and Diva's. Something of everything, you know? I tried the Classic Burger 220 there and it was amazing.
3. Yes i did hear the Explosion that happened in Tripoli since i was there and allah Yir7amhom.
4. Bikaasifreen (Pronounced: B3a9ifreen) was amazing. I was sleeping there everyday and the weather was perect. It's a place up in the mountains at an altitude of around 1000 meters. It's really cool.
5. The Road Trip was good. We kept on refueling with Chips and chocolate every now and then :P ... Coming back (yesterday) we were a bit lat on schedule.
6. Gas for the Car in Lebanon is scorchingly expensive. Our car was Toyota Prado, refueling it in Kuwait costs around 10KD...while in lebanon it costs 300,000LL (60KD)!!!

One last thing, mali 5ilg i post the pictures (i only got 2 anyways of the Classic 220 burger, and a picture of the roadtrip) 'cuz i'm in a really bad mood (my lost wallet).


Splash said...

Wow, interesting trip...welcome back :)

KWT23 said...

yeah well all in all it was OK...thanks :)