30 August 2008

Orbit Sucks

A couple of months back i was so happy about what Orbit was doing. They were bringing in new channels and everything was perfect. Lately though, things have flipped 180 degrees. We no longer have Jazeera Sport +1 and +2, and Orbit ESPN has been changed for a crappy channel by the name of EXTREME SPORTS. So I called up the customer service at Orbit to see what's going on. I told him that we have lost JSC +1 and JSC +2, so he told me that Jazeera refused to continue their contract with Orbit. Then I asked him about ESPN (which should be one of the core channels of Orbit) and he said the same thing that they refused to continue the contract with Orbit. WTF??!! ESPN??!! I mean come on...ESPN is like only on Orbit. So I told him that some other channels have been missing and he told me to restart the decoder after 10mins. 10mins later, the channels are still missing. Thank God i've only got 10 more days here.


Bashar said...

Orbit were really in lead, exclusive all major leagues. Then, they started showing Saudi League exclusive!