11 September 2008

Blogging From Columbus, OH

WOW! I am in Columbus, Ohio. I'm still not acquainted to saying that. Ok, where should i start? Well, I HATE INDIANS. Seriously, i'm not being racial or anything but the stereotype regarding their smell is true. My flight from Kuwait to London was filled with Indians and the plane smelled like shit. Plus, Indians take 10seconds to make them selfs feeling at home. A minute after i boarded the flight, everyone was barefoot, already asking for pillows and blankets, and letting their children loose in the plane. It was hectic. My flight from London to NY was much better. One of the flight attendants turned out to be a relative of mine, so we got automatically upgraded to First Class! I used was6a, I don't care. It was shit back there. BITE ME!
Now i'm in Ohio state university. I'm staying in Holiday Inn till i get an apartment. I attended orientation today, and honestly it was 6hrs of boredom. Anyway, i encourage everyone to come to Colombus. It is a really nice place. Nice people, and a great campus...you can't miss it! Anyhow, i'm pretty much exhausted now and need some sleep. Sorry for no photos, i'm using my father's laptop and i don't want to download the camera software on there. I will wait till i get a personal laptop. Hope i get back to posting on a daily basis. See you tomorrow!
btw: it's around 15 degrees here, bas kint ba7irkom :P


weeknds said...

el7imdilla 3ala essalama
kilshy b9ob o el weather 3indikm eb9ob
MASHALLA, yalla have fun out there

KWT23 said...

Allah isalmich mashkoora,
e2athin il ma'3reb around 7:45 ... fa shweyya tit3ibeen around 6pm...bes atleast i still didn't start classes :P

Light said...

Welcome to the second temporary home ;)
I've been to OH several times but never had a chance to see Colombus over all winter is freezing down there so you have to take extra care. good luck

outkasty said...

ana ma e7erni il jawwwww, kithir maaa enna il awadem ehnak GHAAAAAAAAIR

KWT23 said...

Light: yeah, i heard it gets really cold here. thanks ;)

outkasty: ee walla, so far the ppl have been great il 7amdilla :)

mims said...

i agree 100% with the stereotype!!!i can smell them a mile away,and im srry but i always need 2 barf wen im around them.. and on flight to the US u should never i repeat never be seated in anything but 1st class, or just dnt go on q8y airlines a7san wa7san!