22 September 2008


I know, I know. It's been around 10 days since i've last posted. I'm sorry. I was overwhelmed with University related stuff, plus i don't have a wireless connection set up at my place till now (yup, i'm using someone's unsecured wireless connection :P).

*     *     *     *
I switched! I've finally switched to Mac! So far it's been great (although i'm frustrated as to why some applications canot be maximized to whole screen view). I'm in love with the keyboard. It's amazing. I got the Black Macbook with 2.4GHz and 2GB RAM (i might upgrade to 4GB). I promise, seriously this time, to post on a daily basis. So keep in touch!

yup, this is my first post from my Mac!


Mr. Solutions said...

Finally glad you made it.

Angelo said...

Welcome to the Apple Cult. Any foul attitude toward the Apple Cooperation or misconduct would result of us hunting you down and kicking your butt for good.

Enjoy, the great product of Apple at hand; we wish you the best in life.


A fellow Apple fanatic