06 September 2008

3 Days Left: PS3 Issue

I can't believe i've got only 3 days till the big day! I didn't pack anything yet and didn't get anything for the trip! So basically i'm running late. I got a couple of things i should do before i leave. Anyways, i'm planning on taking my PS3 with me to Ohio. I don't do partying so i thought i would spend time playing video games while everyone is out there getting drunk. So i'm thinking of just putting my PS3 in my big suitcase. Does anyone know if that's a problem with the US rules? Should i take it in a separate box? This is the only thing i'm really thinking about right now :P


Angelo said...

Hmmm, I never took a home console with me from Kuwait to the States but my friends usually pack their PS2s and Xboxs in a specific carrying case designed for that console and that put inside in one of their big bags, or yours seem passable as well.

Their recent regulations usually concerned around laptops and stuff, so I guess you will be fine.

Have a safe trip ;)

KWT23 said...

thanx for the input man :)