03 September 2008

Zain, Cinescape & Oldies

Ok. There are ton of posts about Arab companies that have completely copied logos of American companies. But this is different. Both Zain and Cinescape are Arab companies. Now most of you might think that the logo is different, but allow me to elaborate. Both logos use same colors. Both logos have the same abstract. Both logos have the same idea: space-like galaxy or soemthing. Why? 5li9aw il designs ya3ni? Seriously it's stupid...oo i think both came out at a relatively close period of time!
* * * * *
On another note: i know you've read millions of posts regarding the stupid movies we get here in Kuwait through Cinescape. Well, it doesn't bother to read another then. I was just checking the movies coming soon, and checking at the same time their release date worldwide. Here are the movies and their release dates in the US. Keep in mind that they are coming soon here:
1. Sydney White: 21 Sept. 2007
2. The Hunting Party: 14 Sept. 2007
3. Mirror Wars: 1 Sept. 2005 !!! (that's even older than i expected before i wrote the post!!)
4. Baby Mama: 25 Apr. 2008
5. Blood Chocolate: 26 Jan 2007
6. Untraceable: 25 Jan 2008
...and these are COMING SOON!!
6 more days and i'm out .... 7amdilla!


weeknds said...

loool @ ur post
bs u will miss those stupid things

KWT23 said...

loool i know i will :P ... bes it's just so good to rant...it's human nature :P

Splash said...

Both logos SUCKS (from designer opinion)