17 February 2009

Carbon Fiber Machinery

I just love powerful machines coated with carbon fiber. Last time I had a Lenovo, it was a thinkpad. As far as I recall, i was smashing it with my shoe after it stopped working completely and no one in Hawalli was able to fix it. I think this is different. I know I just recently got a macbook, but I don't think it will be long before I change my notebook. The problems I've been having with the Macbook is its weight and the fact that the software I use works on PC only. Yes this notebook is 3 inches bigger, but it is carbon fiber coated and I think is even lighter than the macbook! I also like the fact that it has an HDMI port (which my macbook doesn't) and an option of adding a blu ray player. Now while I'm probably not changing very soon, I'm really loving this machine.