14 July 2008

Vaio. Redefined.

It seems Sony will reveal their new Montevina based notebooks soon. Very soon. In hours. Keep checking Sony Style. I have always loved Sony and especially their laptops (although a little over-priced). On the other hand, it is rumored that new macbooks and Macbook Pros are also coming soon. This will be interesting...
UPDATE: Sony actually used "my" title: "Vaio. Redefined". I just picked that title randomly, and now they have it on their site! I'm a genius. (go with me :P).
anyways, the new Vaios are out there for pre-order and they are nothing short of amazing. I'm simply lost now 'cuz the OS is still windows. Why can't we have Mac OS X on Vaios?
You can check the new Vaios HERE, my favorite two are the SR and the Z series (the SR series goes up to 2.80GHz and it's a 13.3incher!!!!).


BB said...

i think that they are too much overpriced not little
My laptop is fujitsu siemens, i bought it from dubai eb 250 kd only! And its amazing

KWT23 said...

yeah well you still get worth your money with Sony. I mean they r well known for their beautifully crafted machines. Plus now the SR series goes up to 2.80GHz on a 13.3incher (That is virtually impossible!)