24 July 2008

Sick Military Dude

I can't believe what i ust witnessed a few minutes ago. I was returning home and on the way there was huge traffic. Anyways, on the side, there were two cars that suddenly stopped. One man in military clothes (Kuwaiti) came out and headed to the car behind him (it was a white mini bus). The man headed towards the mini bus and started punching the indian-dude real hard. I really don't know what's wrong with this guy. It seems he thinks he has the authority to just go out and punch any guy since he is not Kuwaiti! Now i am not taking sides. I really don't know what happened initially, the Indian driver might have made a mistake or something, but what i'm saying is there is no reason what so ever to go punching Indians just 'cuz you are a military officer. This is sick!
Unfortunately i didn't take a pic. Sorry guys.


weeknds said...

Walla rabi3na efashloon!
shino hatha?! ya nas eddinya dawara!

The Criticizer said...

Typical Kuwaiti attitude. Not in general though.