26 July 2008


A few days back i was looking for a classic regular pair of jeans (nothing fancy and nothing torn). It was then that i realized that torn jeans have become the norm. I searched several stores for a regular fit and they didn't have any. I tried G-Star Raw, but most of their jeans are tight on the legs (exactly what you see the majority wearing today). Also, i personally felt that their jeans are overpriced. Not trying to be frugal or anything, but for 55KD, i could get two pants! Anyway i tried GAS at Fanar, but the salesman broke it down honestly to me saying that they actually don't have regular pants! Finally i got to ZARA, and the day was saved. They actually have several regular fit classical jeans, so I picked one up for around 20KD.


weeknds said...

في محل في شرق وزهره اسمه ديربي
ايبيع جينزات اشكال وارناق
حق الشباب ةالبنات

mims said...

UGGGH THE SKINNY!...IS NOT FOR GUYS! whats up with guys in kuwait sharing the girl "habba".. some of them make me want to barf!
i can just imagine you wearing one..haha you'd b in that category that makes me wanna barf! so thank God u dont;p

KWT23 said...

loool...bes 3ala il a8al i'm not fat! imagine a fat dude wearing skinny jeans! (or i guess you shouldn't imagine :P)