17 November 2008

Apple's Customer Service

While it was hard getting accustomed to my new Mac, I am beginning to like Apple a little, mainly because of their customer service. I purchase Beats by Dre a month ago, and the arc broke recently. I took the headphones to Apple, with a speech prepared in order to convince them to switch the headphones for me. Apparently though, I didn't need any speech. I talked to a representative and he simply went back to the storage room and got me brand new headphones! Who does that?! Apple does though...


weeknds said...

brand new!!
thats amazing
3ad apple here is a BIG mess
they do know nothing about their things
and if u need any help u should pay for them even if this help was some words!!!
walla im not joking, this happened to my sis!!
agooool ... malat 3ala el bamya!

KWT23 said...

Yeah! I thought that the best i could get was them fixing it for free. NEVER expected a BRAND NEW pair! It was great :P