06 November 2008

Old Movies Reviewed

I am downloading like crazy now. There are many movies that I missed which have become relatively old.  Two of these movies are The Bank Job, and Get Smart.
The Bank Job
I remember Cinescape (Kuwait) were viewing this movie, and now I realize how stupid that was. The whole point of robbery is based on the first seen (which is obviously cut), and the pictures that are being stolen (which also were probably cut). So what's the point. I really enjoyed watching this movie. I felt like it had that difference and originality that separated it from other robbery movies. Final Score: 8/10
Get Smart
I used to hate Steve Carrell. I hated his movie The 40 Year Old Virgin (although i know many will disagree with me on that). That's until I started watching The Office. I realized that he was a pretty damn funny guy. I decided to download and watch this movie solely because of the fact that Steve Carrell acts in it, and it was worth it. I liked the idea of the movie, and although the twist in the movie wasn't that unexpected, it is still a comedy movie which doesn't require that. I laughed a lot in this one, and I guess that's the point of a comedy. Final Score: 9/10