27 May 2009


After straining my calf muscle a week ago (which should be no surprise to the people who know me), I decided NOT to take care of it. That is why I went out today, with my strained calf muscle, to play basketball. Surprisingly (sarcasm), I ended up hurting myself pretty badly. I pulled the calf muscle furthermore which prevented me from walking properly. Now I'm not that stupid, so I decided to take care of it this time. I just got this creme (do you write creme as "creme" or "cream" ? hmm) today which turned out to be a pretty good pain reliever. The nice thing about it is that it has a sort of sponge applicator (the same kind of sponge you use for cleaning your shoes), which you can apply with directly onto your muscle. This, I think, is a very smart idea as I always tend to squeeze out more than I need with regular creams. Now I can't play for 2 weeks. Nice...

Update: I just woke up earlier this morning with a VERY painful burning sensation on my calf muscles. The back of the creme does point out that this might happen, but that it will go away. It did go away, but it was harshly painful!