28 December 2008

Looking Forward

My vacation is almost over now. I've got around 5 days left and then i'm boarding a 14 hour flight back to the states. Not that I'm not happy i'm going back, it's just that this time i'm staying for 5-6 months before coming back again to Kuwait. The good news is that I'm planning on getting a car there (finally), so I'm expecting to get more fun out of my days there in Ohio. Road trips is the first thing on the top of my head that i'm looking forward to. Other than that, I'm also planning on getting involved in a club or something, just to get more involved in the University. For now, I'm eating as much Kuwaiti (national) food as I can before the 2nd of Jan. Later,,
On another note, I'm currently addicted to Flickr! I just type in anything that comes to mind, and tons of great photos come up. It's amazing!


weeknds said...

loool eat as much as u can coz u will REALLY miss it :p

regarding flickr its 9ij moo 6abee3i
wish u goodluck

weeknds said...

show us some tips and tricks